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Too all you complaining...

I'm tired of people saying this game is horrible, unplayable, or the worst cod.


I have an average Internet connection and 95% of the time I experience NO LAG and no problems with hit detection. It's one of the biggest games of all time, hundreds of thousands of people are online at once. Lag is to be expected, but maybe it's just your sucky connection. Still, I see how many people find this to be the downfall of the game. In time it will be better.



In close quarters SMGs should dominate against anything except shotguns. Since the majority of the engagements are close, SMGs have the advantage. However, anyone who used an AR or LMG properly should be able to do just as well. For those saying "I'm getting killed across the map with SMGs" YOU SUCK. SMG range sucks, with high recoil, any good player besides shotgun should win.


Shotguns = Short range

SMGs = Short-Medium range

AR = Medium-Long range

LMG= Medium-Long range

Snipers= Medium-Long range

Stop complaining that a gun type is OP. Each type has their advantages and disadvantages.


Quickscoping is hard to do. I am not a quick scoper, but there is no denying it takes more skill to QS than to use any other gun.


Black Ops 2 has the best gun balance. Improved create a class system, improves streak system.

They took out final stand and noob tubes. Treyarch IS improving the game, already 2 patches have been released.

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    I pretty much agree. I really enjoy this game.


    Yes, there have been a few frustrating matches here and there, but a vast majority of the time the plays well.

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    My FIOS is a sucky connection, yes I agree.


    I really do indeed think my connection got 100x worse between the last moab dropped on MW3 and 24 hours later, my first multiplayer match on BO2.


    Yes, seems legit.

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    You basically said one thing was true and then said the opposite was also true. SMGs aren't OP but they have the advantage in CQB which is most engagements.


    SMGs should just be how shotguns are. Past 'x' distance the bullets just disappear.


    You can say what you want but the simple fact is that SMG damage is comparable to that of many of the assault rifles at the medium ranges and the assault rifle damage scales off quite quick at the slightly longer ranges so most of the time when an assault rifle is wrecking face it's because they're better. Nevermind that I didn't even mention the better firing rate in almost all case.


    Here's another thing about it, I take an LMG or AR and do really well (plenty of times being at 2 or 3 KDR at the end of a TDM match. Then I pull out an SMG class and tool on people even harder. Moral of the story, it's just plain easier to kick ass with SMGs.


    Regarding your bit about all the complaints about lag compensation or whatever... The simple fact is that one can get killed when around a corner already (as it appears on your screen). That and you have an easier time hitting moving targets aiming just behind them then ahead of them sometimes. It's just nonsense and counter-intuitive. Whatever causes it should be fixed and that's really all there is to it. The fact that there are posts to complain about the volume of people complaining about this concept speaks volumes.

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    I don't believe the guns to be OP, rather the fact they seem so as a by-product of poor map design. As for connections, they do SEVERELY need to fix the netcode. I don't know what they did between Black Ops and and this game (I started w/MW2), but I have NEVER had this much of an issue with lag. I've always played off of your standard high speed cable Internet. I always make sure my XBox gets priority, and is hard wired to my modem. The rubber-banding lobbies, inconsistent hitboxes and constant being shot before I round corners is ridiculous.

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    The ones that "have no problem" are most likely the ones receiving huge lag compensation, thus getting kills when they otherwise should not have and/or should've been one the to die in gunfights, but don't.


    But also, about a lot of the ones complaining, it's also not having anything to do with "OP guns" (yet). It's also because of opponent's getting lag compensation. Unless that can get fixed to where it's merely "balancing" connection rather than rewarding worse ones and punishing good ones, then there's no point in making gun changes.


    Like what APPEARS to be insane range on the Remingtion 870, despite the patch, will usually (for me anyway) be because, on my screen, the opponent looks pretty far, but THEIR screen has them at almost half that distance.

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      What you say about how the distance between two combatants appears is quite possibly when in mobile engagements, but when two targets are just sidestepping or firing from distant windows that can't be the case. I faced off against a guy with a Scorpion and he was having a) barely any issues with recoil and b) doing more than enough damage to beat an assault rifle at distance. That time I believe I was using an M27. Another time I was using the FAL and fought a Vector and he had no problem putting shots on me and doing plenty of damage. It was at least 75-100 meters in both cases.