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To all of you with great internet complaining about getting host...

How much net do you think cod actually takes up? I'll let you know.





Not going to get into bit vs byte, but I will say this, ISPs advertise in megaBIT, and COD takes about .5 megaBIT to host a game.



This game is probably close to last when it comes to multiplayer quality, client side hit registration, the game barely pulls 60fps in mp anymore(way less in split screen).


Obviously other network activity would make the size of your connection matter, but if you have a small household, you could host on $20/m net. Hell, you can PLAY the game on dial-up.


I got this information by configuring my laptop as a bridge and playing some mp games.

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    Games don't need much bandwidth to play online, i've played Quake 3 in 2000 on dial up lol and had no problems as a (client) not server.


    I made a thread few weeks ago that the problem are unstable connections, people who use wifi or download stuff from internet while playing CoD. With todays internet basically everyone can be host, problem is many people don't care about quality so they download stuff or watch netflix while playing online, everything that increases the ping.

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    yup it's all abouth the ping (mosty).

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    ....and your point is?


    I think the vast majority of us who suffer from being host already know this, but this doesn't solve the problem.


    A perfect example of host disadvantage.  Yesterday early evening I was playing HC CTF on Raid.  I start out the match 15-2 with a capture and a couple of returns.  Got lucky with flanking on a couple of kills, won some head to head and lost two head to head fights, too.  My point is that it felt 'fair.'  I know what 'God mode' feels like and this wasn't it.


    .....and then the host leaves.  And it makes me host.  And then I was screwed.  15-2 quickly became 15-9.  I finally left when it was 16-11 and I was putting five to seven rounds into someone without it registering a hit marker and yet I was dead before their gun was even drawn.


    Don't tell us it doesn't happen.  And don't try and pretend that it's my fault because I'm downloading files upon files of porn while I play....we have good internet (30/5) with a solid ping and are hard wired, secure connection, port forwarded, etc and don't have anything else going on with our internet while we play.  And we still get screwed because of someone else in the lobby.


    I pull host probably 65% of the time and it seems like it's getting more frequent.  I hate being host so much at this point that my player card is now 'Please don't make me HOST' with a frowny face.  And, no, I'm not kidding.  In short, host disadvantage sucks.

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    Here is what's important for a quality, time-sensitive Internet connection:


    1) Ping = Time data takes for a round trip from client to host back to client. High ping = high delay between when you do something and when the host see's it happening.


    2) Jitter = Variance in ping. If you had a low ping before, do you have a low ping now? Your ping can jump all over the place with a low quality connection. Ping should be nearly constant, and Jitter describs the quality of this.


    3) Packet Loss = How much data is lost. If I send data to the host but the host never gets it, or if the host sends me data and I never get it, it must be resent and that takes time. The game has prediction algorithms to make it look like you never stopped running but what if you changed course? That's why you see people warp around in the game.


    4) Buffer-Bloat = Data is ready to be sent or received, but there is too much traffic on your local network and your router cannot keep up, so your data becomes queue'd and must wait to be sent out or received. This creates artificial jitter which can result in choppy game play much like packet loss. HOWEVER, if the traffic is mostly constant and a high average ping is a result, with Black Ops 2 lag comp you are put at a calculated advantage. This is what is happening when you hear of people downloading torrents while playing Black Ops 2. They are artificially inflating their ping via consistent buffer-bloat.



    Here's what's not so important (comparatively speaking):


    Bandwidth = How much data you can push through at once. (i.e. garden hose vs fire hose) With most Internet connections there is much more bandwidth than is needed, even if you are host. Bandwidth becomes important only if you are sharing your Internet connection with other people. I get angry when this is the only spec people toss out there when claiming they have a good Internet connection as it is the most irrelivant to a quality connection.





    My connection:

    Ping: 13ms (average)

    Jitter: 1ms (meaning my max ping is 14ms)

    Packet Loss: 0%

    Buffer-Bloat: Non-existent (thanks to proper "QoS" on an Enterprise level router)

    Bandwidth: 60Mbps Down / 8Mbps Up


    I do not always get host although my internet is better than 93% of US internet connections. In fact, it is RARE that I get host. Why? Other than crappy programming, who knows? What I do know is that I am always behind everyone else by about 250ms - 333ms, regardless if I am host or not.


    The times that I have had my best games is when a local friend of mine with GARBAGE internet was host. Why was he host? Who knows? Why did I benefit? Who knows?

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    I don't understand all these technical terms but I had a very poor signal when I was using wireless because my xbox is 3 floors up from the box and I was doing pretty well on multiplayer. But it kept disconnecting from xbox live because the signal was so weak so I got wired connection and attempted to play multiplayer for a week or so and gave up. I only go on this game for zombies now, I didnt play multiplayer on BO1 for the same reasons. MW3 has been the best multiplayer IN MY OPINION.

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    What's sad is that those of us with the lag issues:


    • Have great internet
    • Keep getting told we're crazy and it's not really happening, yet:
    • We NEVER have these problems on other games (non-CoD)
    • Have to hear BS from "pro" players that have lag comp advantage
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    People complain about getting host? I love getting host. I feel like I see everyone before they see me.