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Scorestreak Tracking Suggestion

OK this is by no means a rant or anything like that because I am really enjoying the balance and features of this game @177 hours played.


Here is a small suggestion that might improve the enjoyment or flow of the game for myself and maybe other players.


Here's the thing, I would really like to have the scorestreak progress mapped out a little clearer than just the rising bar because I am sometimes lost a bit in terms of kills/points needed for my next streak. I'd like to see my progress or points earned towards my next streak in a numerical format alongside the rising bar.


Obviously it's not all about kills because you get rewarded for Assists, PTFO, Shooting Scorestreaks down, etcetra which I think is great BTW.


I have no clue how hard this would be to implement or costs involved but IF it is no biggie then PLEASE slip it into an upcoming patch the same as the way you slipped in XP Earned on top of the XP bar after a match?


Thanks for reading


Anyone else think that'd be helpful?