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sharing emblems?

hey everyone,


got a quick question here, is there any way that you are able to share emblems? like upload it to your channel and let other people use it? i really suck at making them but i have a couple ideas that arent too hard that i would like to see if people could make for me.


anyways, thanks for all the help in advance. see yall around, happy gaming and have a great new year!


  • Re: sharing emblems?

    There's no way of sharing emblems. At least not yet. However, i'd rather not have a system that enables emblem sharing.


    I'd hate to be spammed with emblems showing nudity and other negative crap.


    Would be nice with a way to look at other player's emblems via their player cards, and rate them however. I still haven't found a way to do so, might be that i'm just not looking in the right place perhaps.