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Are you looking for a clan?

Are you looking for a clan thats great, tough and new to black ops 2 and mw3 well this clans for you i Godliike have recently made a new clan thats going to be one day an amazing clan. This clan is for zombies too and we know many of us love to play zombies


The clan is called : Imperial~Guards


I am recruiting players on ps3 to join my clan and we can play together and nicely.


Why Should i join this clan?


Well there are many reasons why you should join this clan first of all its new and got a great name i am a nice kind person who does not keep bugging people to do operations all the time, i also play zombies on black ops 2 and love to play with my friends and you can be one of them too



What are the requirements to join this clan?

1. All players who join must show respect to one another

2. Players must have a reasonable age above 13 shall do


3. Must try to do ops at least once a week to be the best

4. Most important of all JUST HAVE FUN





I hope you join this clan i hope we can play side by side soon, Thank you


Heres our link http://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/547006