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Skull Camo - Combat Knife

Hello, I'm trying to get diamond specials, and I've just got Ronin on my Combat Knife.  I look at Skulls; terrible.  I don't think it's possible for me at this point.  Still, I'd like your tips for knife only, and best gamemode for obtaining Skulls.  I'M NOT BOOSTING! I WANT TO GET EVERYTHING LEGIT IN THIS GAME, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Anything at all would be much appreciated,  I want to be the first of my friends with diamond anything.

Thanks much,


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    I've done this twice because i reset my stats (on purpose) the first time I camped like a gooden, with shock charges, (put scavenger on for more) and it was so frustrating.


    The second time I just stripped my class of all items except for perks and Greed 1/2/3 wildcards. 1st set of perks were Lightweight, Cold Blooded & Extreme Conditioning, then Ghost, Toughness & Dexterity and was running with my brother (same team) around the edge of the map just circling buildings every so often. I had much more fun doing it this way.


    Just keep at it, I thought i would never get a gold knife but I did it, without cheating too.


    Ronin was actually the hardest camo for me. I got so frustrated with it. I'd stab someone pick up their gun and then get 5-7 kills with it, before dying and none of them were the person I'd stabbed.

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      Instead of Toughness, wouldn't you rather use Scavenger? Get back some concussion grenades or shock charges? Is Toughness really helping you while using a knife only class?


      Also, instead of Extreme Conditioning and Dexterity, if you are in "camper" mode, Awareness and Dead Silence might serve you better. I would suggest Dead Silence no matter what when running knife only mode.

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    I hate to say it but I camped for mine lol. Lay prone on the side of a doorway and wait til someone runs in then knife them in the back. Make sure you frequently change locations. I did most of my knives on the hijacked map. I have a gold knife now.

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    Oh lol I am only 1 bloodthirsty off gold got all the kill camos easy found backstabbing easy same with ronin and all that and I find it easiest on nuke town hijacked and drone just get behind enemy lines by flanking kill everyone in the covered parts of that area and camp places like behind desks and lab things for the last one or two kills

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    It's a real pain to get but here was my loadout for doing it:



    Fast Hands/Scavenger

    Tac Mask/Extreme Conditioning




    Scorestreaks:  UAV, CUAV, Guardian


    Mostly I played DOM and focused on getting into a reasonably good traffic area coming out of their spawn with ample hiding corners.  Use the concussion for those open field engagements and the rest of the time try to catch them off guard as they go past you.  Hijacked is a good map to do this on if you take the underneath route to their side of the ship.  I also like Hydro.


    PS:  Remember this setup when you go for the Riot Shield challenges.

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    Yeah I got my knife gold when the game first came out. I'm not sure how skilled you are with the knife but my loadout was:


    Perks: Lightweight, flak jacket, fast hands, Extreme conditioning and tactical mask


    For my equipment I used either a shock charge or concussion. I normally played either DOM or TDM. Mainly TDM though. I was good with my knife though and had a high k/d with it. You can do good pretty much all maps, but try maps with a lot of buildings like nuketown, standoff, hijacked, express. Those were the best for me. Hope this helps!