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30 Dec 2012: My Most Unforgettable Day In BO2 MP


Today, is the worst sh*t that has ever happened to me (and a lot of players i met online).


In every single game, lets just start with my first game of the day. First game, oh wow, 1 RED SWAGGY BAR. Ok, leave game. 2nd game, ANOTHER BIG SWAGGY RED 1 BAR, *looks at other player's ping*, something must be wrong today.


Back to the main point, what day is today? Some kind of internet connection apocalypse for me and my locals? I swear i have never seen a 1 bar in a very long run now.


Today, 30th Dec 2012, i have seen 7 in the same lobby.


The lag cannot be described, 40 bullets in the MP7 shot straight into the enemy chest, but only 1 hitmarker. Looking at the killcam again makes me lmao.


Thank you Treyarch and Activision, i regretted buying your Digital Deluxe and Season Pass. I hope you will die in a fire, and in your office.


If i have gotten any lag worse than this, it would be a bigger joke, you know that? Getting connected to foreign servers is already nerve-wrecking, screw you Treyach.



Black Jack