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Looking for level 49 or 50 MW3 clan ps3

Hello, my name is BLueMoTioNzZ-- and I'm looking for a high leveled clan. I have a 1.36 k/d ratio along with a 1.50 win/loss ratio. Please reply on this post if I'm eligible to join. Thanks!

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    Any requirements to let me know

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      Clan Tags: IAKI (Gold -- was changed to work with BLOPS 2)

      MW3 Level: 49 close to 50

      BLOPS 2 Level: 14 - 850xp from 15

      Current Members: 40 (Recently kicked some inactive people)

      Clan Leader: D1nOnly-420-

      Platform: PS3

      BLOPS 2 Clan K/D: 1.35

      BLOPS 2 Clan SPM: 304.7




      We play everyday and enlist in every challenge or operation available. Most of the time we will get Golds and will level up fast.  I'm looking for dedicated people who will put forth the effort to actually help in clan events. We don't give free rides, so if you know you won't help much then don't even bother putting in an application.  We are primarily  focused on BLOPS 2 at this time, however, we do have a few members who strictly play MW3 and are slowly finishing max our MW3 clan out. We only accept mature players with over a 1.30 K/D and a SPM over 250 in BLOPS 2. If interested please follow the link below and put in an application on our page. Applications will be processed within 24 hours.




      Authentic Killaz - https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/2169676 - Join Now!