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I've been censored!


So I wrote a long paragraph how SMG's are ruining the game and a simple SMG nerf or AR buff would improve game play so SMG's aren't so dominant in the game.It was taken down, why? There was no profanity used and no name or shame tactics being employed, so why take it down? Either way SMG's need a nerf  badly to even out the playing field for the AR/LMG/sniper users. Movement speed with an SMG and SMG power needs to be looked or a serious AR damage buff so I might stand a fighting chance if one of these little hamsters on speed come around a corner spraying. You want balance 3ARC then prove it, 80% of every match played in Black Ops 2 is played with SMG's and that to me seems unbalanced. By the way why are there so many counters to equipment? Black Hat, Flak Jacket, Engineer, prone for bettie's, and in most case extreme conditioning lets you run right through most. I think that if I use the engineer perk hacking my equipment  shouldn't work, and if I'm using the wildcard danger close then my equipment explosion damage should be enough to kill anyone using Flak Jacket. Right now equipment in useless and point streaks like the sentry gun and guardian get taken out to easily by a black hat.