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What do I do about this?

I recently installed MW3 on my bros computer as the other one I had has broken. Now, when I try to join the game, it says the servers are down and to check the status website. I did, and it says all servers are fully operational. Does anyone know what I have to do? From my name you can probably tell my mood right now. I just wanted to play this game again.

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    Also, my CD is stuck in the other computer. Do I need the CD to play it on this computer?

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      You should have a steam account and your game can be downloaded from there, you don`t need the cd just the serial number, but if you have played before it probably wont ask for it, the downloads sometimes take a while and any patches should install after that.

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      for the DVD issue all you need is a pin to release the tray, you should see a small hole just below the tray which you push the pin into to release the tray.

      (you don't need power to your PC to do this)

      and if you access your account on the other PC your games will show up, but will need to be re-download them all to play. and as nollynag states it will take some time.