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bad server response?

it wont let me leave my clan, every time i try leaving it it will say bad server response. its not only on this either it wont let me go on anything it will keep saying bad server response.

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    its not letting anyone for some reason i talked to someone on live chat from elite and they said they are working on it suck been like 2 weeks

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    Hello Alex,


    Are you getting this error on the website?

    We are indeed looking into this issue, so any info you could provide would be super helpful!

    Which browser are you using?


    Thank you! ^LM

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      Same here... On Google Chrome, Firefox, IE6, Ps3 (fat verison, 160 gb IIRC), I'm getting it with Mw3 and Black Ops 2. I called you guys and was told that you all haven't heard about it and it's probably my internet, ps3, etc. etc. Excuses because Uncharted 3 and Uncharted 2 work just fine with their party and clan systems. LBP, LBP2, and GT5's matchmaking services all work as well. This is lame... I regret purchasing this game [Balck Ops 2] now because it was a bunch of false advertising.


      And I'm NOT buying the map pack until this is fixed...

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    Why wont you guys at activision answer the questions.  Its not us itd your elite that you refuse to fix

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    same problem here for the past week, had a chat with Activision support and said that hopefully todays PSN maintenance update will solve the problem, fingers crossed,

    in the meantime you can always use Elite on a browser or mobile app.


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    Still not working... I have tried for months.

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      We have forwarded these issues to the Elite team for further investigation and will hopefully have a resolution soon. Unfortunately we do not have an ETA or timetable when a resolution is reached but we surely appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.


      Kind regards

      Activision Assist ^JH

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    I cant leave my call of duty clan due to this error.. I want to leave and join another.. This is irritating.. please fix soon!!

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      Hi jdog2o9,


      I understand how frustrating it can be. The Elite team is looking into this issue but unfortunately, we do not have an ETA for resolution. How are you accessing Elite, through the console app or web? If you are accessing Elite through the web, try using different browsers and clearing you cookies/cache before leaving your clan. You can ask your clan leader to delete their cookies before kicking you out as well. Apologies for the frustration. Let us know of any changes. Don't hesitate to contact us if there is anything else we can assist with.



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        Hey ATVIAssist,

        I've benn having the same problem as everyone else too, and I understand you are working on it atm.  I am using a ps3 to access Cod Elite, but can I also access it through a computer and join a clan there?

        thank you