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Advice Please




Been playing Black Ops 2 for a few week now. Not enjoyed a cod game so much since COD 4.



I usually just play Core as its a bit more pick up and play but yesterday decided to try Hardcore. I was having an OK match, my score would of roughly worked out to a 1.00 KDR or so. Suddenly I was kicked, the rest of the guys who I was chatting to on Skype were not, I didn't think much of it at the time. So I went on again today after work, joined a Hardcore server and after about 5 mins I get kicked, I tried to rejoin my mate who was in there and ran into an error saying I was banned from the server/ session (something to that effect). Just before I was kicked I was third on the loosing team with 17/10.



It's strange that this only happens in Hardcore and not Core where I usually end up with a much better score. I would like to know why I was kicked, the obvious answer is someone/ group thought I was cheating/ boosting/ hacking and all reported me and that ejected me from the server. Fair enough I have no issue with that but if people voting you off a server can potentially result in a ban in the long run then that's a bit silly. It has to of been a group vote because as far as I'm aware a public Hardcore match (or any public match) is on a dedicated server provided by Activision/ Treyarch and not controlled by one person that can arm the kick/ ban button when they see fit?



If any of you guys would like to play a match with me in Hardcore and see if I get kicked I would appreciate it very much. I'm going to jump in some Core for half an hour or so then jump in a Hardcore match and see if I get kicked, I'll take note of the exact wording this time, if it happens.



Don't worry, I have my flame suit on as I can see what's coming and how this post comes across.




John (Sn0tMan)