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Join TeamOpTic Today!!!




Real life name:


Can you record:

With what:

Think you could make us a clan channel on YT and maintain it?:

Trickshotting skill (1-10):

Kill feed skill (1-10):

Will you honor and respect all clan members?


Please if you are interested put in an application to TeamOpTic clan on the COD Elite Website

If your application looks decent. I'll message you on PSN and you can try out.

If you are new to the quickscope game then you will be trained and tested!


We Will Have Ranks They Include: Private, First Lieutenant, Second Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Brigadier General, Major General, And the best will earn the Title Of 2nd General!


Please fill register at the clans website http://www.snipingisacrime-com.webs.com and once registered you must fill out a basic training request.