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Should I buy any DLC?


Got MW3 for $26 new a while back.


So I am interested in the newest map pack.

The Final Assault one,that has 5 new maps.


Do people even play with the 4th pack only?


I remember playing GRFS and getting burned because nobody played online with the DLC maps.

The commnity was divided across 1,2 or no map packs,which got kinda bad.

I remember hearing that this game has around 80,000 players?


So will I have a problem finding games,with only the last pack?

Might buy BOPS 2 if MW3 is hacked to hell like MW2 was.

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    I'd love new maps, but until the  lag monster goes away (ya rite) I'm not sending any more money to Activision.

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    Only really large try hards only play the dlc 4 playlist, the maps are nothing specail. Don't buy Bo2, learned that the hard way, it'll freeze your system beyond belief and eventually cause it to stop working. mw3 is hacked a little but not to much, you may find yourself in an xp lobby as i did, just stay in and rack up the points, no one cares anymore. Have fun, And youll have fun destroying noobs with the map packs off.


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      hmm I might not buy them anymore then,I just play to for fun.

      I just try to get as many assist as I can lol.

      My highest is 30.


      I've gotten only in rooms where my guns looked weird. smaller/bigger.

      Until I reset the game.


      Heard BLOPS 2 freezes(specially on fat PS3)


      Thanks for the suggestions.