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  • 20. Re: New SMG :Peacekeeper

    All this negativity around adding content.  They aren't taking anything away, they are improving the game by adding more variety.  This is a good thing and everyone should be embracing it. 


    If the Ice Cream man gave you 2 scoops instead of 1 would you also cry?

  • 21. Re: New SMG :Peacekeeper

    Ive got the season pass, but not really playing anymore.  Maybe if they fix the networking I'll download and play em, but not looking good so far.

  • 22. Re: New SMG :Peacekeeper

    Its going to be for Zombies only. Its really obvious, if it was a gun for MP then it would have a real gun name. Type peacekeeper gun into Google and you will get nothing. It doesn't exist, all guns in MP are already in production or on the drawing boards.

  • 23. Re: New SMG :Peacekeeper

    The Peacekeeper is also under the Zombie Map picture which lends to them being related. Treyarch knows we've been asking for gun DLC, why would they advertise a new gun and then say it's in zombies? With the previous games the new guns in zombies were also much more flashy then what the Peacekeeper looks like. The only explanation is it's Activision handling the advertising.

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    I think the new peacekeeper SMG is only for zombies

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    You do realize that the gun will be a zombies only gun and not a mp gun right? Zombies maps often get new guns. So it could just be a zombies only new weapon. Highly doubtful it will be in normal mp for it would need its own list then. And you could only ever play with people that had the dlc. Because those with out it would not be able to see it, unless 3arc made it a forced title update so everyone had it but only those that bought it could use it.

  • 26. Re: New SMG :Peacekeeper

    I refuse to buy the dlc until the price is reasonable.  but sadly it wont be a reasonable price until they release the next cod!  sorry but i'd rather just use that much money to buy a new game then more content for a game that gets released every year (and seems to get worse with each successive year)!

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    They didn't announce (with a trailer) the First Strike map pack until a week before so it seems very unlikely will will hear anything official untill a few weeks.

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    What is your definition of reasonable? $10-$15 isn't bad.

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    The PeaceKeeper has sort of a high chance of being in multiplayer. My two reasons. 1. The game takes place in 2025 do I not recall the FHJ Launcher not being real. and 2. When have they ever promoted a gun for zombies. They haven't done it for the WonderWaffle.

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