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Black Ops 2 Forum Summary 2012

Since it's the start of the New Year, I thought it would be valuable to summarise the threads posted here since the launch of Black Ops 2. These are in no particular order:


• OMFG ThiS GAme sUcks! (random capitalisation as per some of the younger posters)


• Lag Compensation is killing this game!


• Thanks, Treyarch, I'm selling this piece of crap game!


• If you don't fix this game, I'm going to tell my Mom


• I paid good money for this crap!


• Nerf the SMGs for God's sake!


• Buff the SMGs for God's sake!


• Why can't I quick scope!


• Quick scopers are ruining this game!


• Nerf the shotguns!


• Buff the shotguns!


• Stop stealing my care packages!


• My stats were reset but I didn't mod or cheat, honest


• Where did Nuketown go?


• Noobs, noobs, noobs!
• Treyarch! I hate you! You've ruined my game, yes, my game, because I can't intellectually separate the concept of a product produced by a corporation and something I personally own or have claim on and I therefore treat a third party product like a religion or sporting team.
Did I miss anything?