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The only answer to hackers for the last time listen to me!

Ive posted this before and since this game downloaded and installed itself AGAIN (thanks steam) which led me here looking for answers im going to say it again.


HALO 3's RANKED matchmaking system!!!!!


WHY? think about it that system was based purely on skill if you sucked you played with other who sucked if you were an MLG pro you got to sit in matchmaking for hours waiting for other PROs yes we all have games where we go 25 and 2 and think WOOHOO once in a while but those players who are like that every game should be against the same standard of player give a week or so to rank the players up and BAM hackers are ranked out of the game alltogether and only play eachother.


Basically im saying yes HACKERS are pro they are awesome and insainly good so rank them against eachother in matchmaking because its not fair that us noobs shud play against them that what bungie did back on xbox. and the beauty is BUNGIE WORK FOR ACTIVISION NOW! GO AND ASK THEM WHAT THE SYSTEM WAS! hey bungie guys what was that code you used to put players of equal skill together in the P2P ranked slayer playlist? oh ye its this, TY patch done hackers GONE!


And i dunno put a social TDM as well for anyone who wants to hack against legit,,,imately retarded players IE the type who actualy stay in games against obviouse cheaters and are just OK with that (you know who you are) so then no one can ***** about it lol