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Multiple Issues With Elite/BO2


Issue with Elite:


I just tried making a clan, and it says that I'm part of the clan on my profile, but everytime I go to click on it, it says zombies ate my page and I need to try relogging in and everything. Idk if I just need to wait it out a little bit or what, but I figured I'd come ask before I wasted my time.




Issue with BO2/Elite/Theater:


There have been a few games that I will play and the game isn't saved in my recent games archive. Of course, it seems to only happen when I have my best games and have the best clips that I actually want to share. Are you not supposed to leave the lobby after the game is over if you want to have it saved or something? I wait until the game puts us in the lobby and everything, not right when the game ends. Also, I've had a couple times that the game was saved, but only the 2nd half was saved. I seriously have no idea how that can happen when I'm not joining in late or anything.





Random Question about Rendering/Youtube:


I've uploaded/rendered 2 videos onto youtube, and have also connected my own personal youtube account to my cod elite account. I was under the impression that it was able to connect the videos into my own personal channel. Is there something else I need to do to keep my films on my personal channel, or do I just need to wait for it to happen on its own? It's been 2-3 days now.



If anyone has some answers it'd be much appreciated!

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    I was able to go to my clan page and edit a few things, but now when I go to invite people it won't give me the option. I tried going straight to my friends Elite page, and it didn't have an invite option. I also went to the manage clan's invite option and he wouldn't show up on my friends list, yet a couple people not even on my friends list did show up. ????


    Thanks for any help!