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Can Infinity Ward come up with something better than Treyarch  this year?

Treyarch came up with something completely new to the series, it was a risky transition from the first Blops but the real question is, can Infinity Ward (IW) come up with something not the same as Blops2but as innovative as Blops2


In forums people usually know a lot more about stuff than the average gamer, so most of you reading this are familiar with Vince Zampella, Grant Collier, Jason West, well for those who don't know, they are the guys who practically invented Call of Duty they are the ones who put the team together that created thev very first COD and mainly the two we all love the most;COD4 and COD:MW2. However problems began shortly after bonuses were being given for their sucess of MW2 and the guys just mentioned wanted their fare share, but Activision didn't want to and made up all sorts of excuses. There are rumours Activision accused them of holding secret meetings with Electronics Arts (EA) but  no one knows if it really happened.


From there it all seemed to be going downhill, the next development was put on hold for months and at one point Treyarch was going to step in (I'm honetly glad they didn't). I seriously hate them and all their games but that's an other case. In the end those guys left Infinity Ward and took almost the entire team with them, that's when IW restructured themselves to make MW3. Making MW3 was easy, because they almost copie and pasted MW2 (don't get me wrong I love MW3, too) but what worries me is that, because of corruption whithin Activision it has come to a point where copying and pasting is not going to work for the next game, but I'm getting a feeling that's exactly what's going to happen again, which all people will be paying for are really expensive map packs.


Now I only play Battlefield 3 because it's so expansive and offer so much, the best way for the next IW COD game is to explore Battlefield's market and go head to head with them. Now that would be ambitious, but it would be one that would take the world by storm just like the Modern Warfare series did specially MW1 and MW2 because we got to be honest the only reason people bought MW3 was because of how great the first 2 were and everyone else was buying it, today there is more people playing BF3 than MW3, google it and you you will see. If you asked every single person who bought MW3 if they would buy it again, most would say no, as to BF3, well I don't think any would say no.


It would be a shame if the next IW game disapointed because I absolutely love MW2 and I have tried to be loyal but with everything that Activision has done to IW I find it hard to trust IW can come up with something good this if they don't exploit Battlefield's style of game.