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(XBOX 360) [SNTC] Shirt N Tie Clan. Recruiting!!



[SNTC] Shirt N Tie Clan

US Based

Brand new clan! Accepting all applicants. Just apply on Elite.


Hello to all interested players and forum lurkers,

I made this clan because I was tired of being in others that were only interested in numbers and not the quality of them. I'm a decent player with a 2.0+ kdr who likes to win... and I can't do that alone. I was a team captain for a paintball team so I'm no stranger to leading a team to victory.

I'm looking for mature gamers who like to have fun, play the objective and win. The clan will be participating in daily clan ops and challenges and hopefully, eventually get into Gamebattles or something. I will accept all applicants, but I will not hesitate to give you the boot if you start acting up or give the clan a bad image to other players.

My goal for this clan is to be a tight group of players who communicates well and wins. Most importanly, have fun while playing. I'm not interested in getting my numbers up. I'm interested in the quality of players who will help lead the clan to the top and win.



(recommended, but some not required)

-MUST BE MATURE(this is required no matter what)


-1.0+ KDR

-have fun


Message me on XBL if you have any questions. My gamertag is Gnar Jeezy.




A website is in the works for the clan, in the meantime please apply on Elite.