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    its hard to understand because 80% of the people on this forum are children under 13 and have a hard time wiping their own asses much less understanding basic stuff like this.

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    that6uy420 wrote:


    dlc weapons would NEVER be available on normal maps as not everyone would have access to this gun via DLC.  Same goes for maps... others have said this before.  As for the guy who said something along the lines of "I can pick up a scar but I don't have it unlocked yet"  That is an entirely different situation as you already have access to the gun since it is AVAILABLE to you (regardless of the fact that it is locked until previous level)  This DLC weapon would NOT be available to you if YOU don't have the DLC.  The only way they would even be able to do this would be to make this weapon FREE for everyone and even then people would actually have to download that dlc for it... if they haven't downloaded it.... guess what?  They would be able to play any maps with anyone that happens to have the dlc already downloaded.... so My guess would be that this gun it actually for zombies.  When have we EVER gotten more weapons for MP via dlc?

    Actually its entirely the same situation, all they need to do is have a title update (which there would be with a dlc anyways) so everyone has the gun in their game files.. then its just locked for those who dont have the dlc


    would work exactly the same as the scar example.. you could pick it up in game but not get credit for challenges ect.


    the only thing thats stopped gund being in dlc before is the game didnt ship with the code needed to do it or the space for the guns this game has both

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    I have to disagree that the game actually has both of those requirements. Just because it has less guns then previous games does not mean it actually has the space for them in a dlc. Nor does it mean it actually has the code for that to work either.


    Really in the end all this speculation is doing is just driving up the hype to drive up possilbe dlc sales which is why 3arc has never come out and directly said yes it is for mp or no it is only for zombies. They do not want to ruin the possilbe cash cow this could be for them by doing so.


    Everyone is speculating it will be for mp so they are getting their hopes and expectations up and will buy it. Then they find out the truth and if its not what they want.. oh well tough luck at that point.


    I will not be buying the dlc untill I have see the yt vidoes about it and shown in actual normal mp games. Until then is is all just speculation and not true.


    Not going to be one that falls for the hype like so many did when the game came out about it being better, or like those that fell for the elite hype or the hype when mw3 came out and though it was going to be so much better than bo, when it was not for all that played.


    A smart gamer would wait and let others be the test subject and then decide.

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    Space?  You know that DLC doesn't get downloaded to your COD disk right?  Space doesn't matter. the update could be 5 gigs if that's what they needed.  Obviously they don't but not sure what space on the disk has to do with anything.

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    People don't know basic computer components. They thing they download weapons in RAM

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    My bet is, the Peacekeeper will be have slow rate of fire but high damage, a smg version of the SMR basically.

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    UncleFizer wrote:


    Yes the gun will be available.  BF3 had 30 DLC guns.  Everyone has a mandatory update when the DLC comes out.  The gun will be included in it.  The only way to unlock the gun will be to purchase the DLC. BUT because its in the download file if someone dies and you pick it up you will be able to use it until you die.  Not sure why its so hard for people to understand.

    If people who picked up the gun got it for free then only 1 or 2 people will download the DLC because everyone else will get if for free.


    We already provided proof from the DEVS that its not possible.

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    True... however...


    a. you wont be able to keep the gun after YOU then die

    b. you wont be able to level it up and unlock attachments, camo's etc

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    it won't be in your files, therefore you won't even be able to see it.... how many people get maps and play those maps with people who don't?

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    well mac, I suppose we will see if it ends up in MP, campaign, or zombies

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