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Treyarch Intentionally punishing pc games ?

Hello this is the only place i could find to say anything on this site so ill put it here



Treyarch is willingly and knowingly giving the cold shoulder to pc gamers who are not connected to steam at all times. I say this because iam both a pc and ps3 gamer. My father had alot of trouble with codbo1 he could barely play the game offline with out steam or the game itself giving him hell about not being connected. He could not play zombies offline unless he played for 30 mins through the last campain stage. Now when my cousin got codbo2 for christmas for ps3 i played it with him and to my suprise there was a game mode offline local with bots and even a lan-able option, well i thought that those would be encluded in th pc version so i talked pops into buying the game thinking he could just sit at home and play the offline bots and zombies so we bought him call of duty black ops 2 hoping offline bots and zombies would be availble to him but of course as it seems the game companies/publishers/steam/fbi/goverment/hepocrice is now punishing the pc gamers of the world. I had forgot to inform you that he is on a fixed income and cant afford the outragios prices of internet connectivity where he lives. will treyarch ever realease a patch that allows pc gamers to use the same game modes. please iam sorry about the rant but i just spent 59.99 on a game that has left him with about half if even a quarter of the full game


                                                                                   Thank you for your time thouse of you who read this

                                                                                                                                         jinx evans