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Hardcore - Team mates

Oh boy, I'm not one to complain, but this is intolerable. I started to play Hardcore due to the lag. Well, overall it seems better because of the limited health.

My issue is being killed. Constantly. For little things (most of the time, nothing at all). By my team mates.

It's not always killing, my teammates will shoot at my feet / near me to give my attention to them, resulting in me getting killed by the enemy.


I get a kill and go to grab the enemy's tags, my team mate kills me to get them.

We meet eachother in a one-lane hallway, I back up to let him through, he kills me (after I let him through!).

I'm picking people off with my SVU (I usually get 2/3 kills, run to a new spot), he kills me.

I accidently take his kill, he kills me.

I go near his camping spot, he kills me.

You get the idea.


The past 10 or so matches, I have not been able to get into a lobby without these kinds of players. Do I really need a full (or near full) party to play this game?

The lag and the spawns, they are annoying but I don't seem to get as irritated unlike this issue.

As I said, I'm not one to complain, and I'm not one to say this but people like this seriously need a 1 day ban. Hell, make it so the have to watch a 3 minute video titled "How not to be an ***hole" in order to play again (with interactive input so they can't just walk away!).

Done with my rant.

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    I haven't had that much of an issue, but you get your fair share of idiots.


    The rare times I play solo I just try to be a good teammate. I call out locations and apologize if I TK at all.


    Its always better with a team, though.


    Hit me up on XBL if you need someone to play HC TDM with.

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    Unfortunate.  HC TDM and KC are my games of choice.  I don't run into too many players like that.  Definitely more diks in KC though.  People see those juicy tags and get greedy.


    Guess I'm in a good area overall?

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    For the most part it's ok, if I'm playing solo or not in a full team though someone is bound to be a ****. Recent annoyances include:


    Me and team mate both pacmaning our way towards a red dot, he kills me to get the kill

    Random walking round shooting betties to get us kicked

    Killed by a teammate to take my CP

    Got triple kill, killed by teammate so he could get the tags


    The list goes on. That last guy I spawned not far from, so I killed him back. Usually I just ignore them and move on though.

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    Never had that much problem.


    I play hardcore 80% of the time, since lauch.


    I'm sure I did not got teamkilled on purpose more than a dozen time, and I always play with randoms.

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    You probably just ran into a bunch of idiots. This usually doesn't happen to me either. They really need to bring ricochet back though imo.

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    i only play hardcore and i agree something needs to be done about this. ill say 95 percent of the games i get teamkilled on purpose. it makes me the most angry when a team mate is doing bad and wants to leave so they teamkill to get kicked