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    I only leave games when 3 or more of my teammates do.

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    mrbron wrote:


    what makes you leave a game ? i see many people leaving games midway, and i even do it myself. can't see a reason for me to stay in a game where im playing against people who is way more skilled than i am.. whats fun in a 2-15 score -.-



    The reason most competitive natured people would stay in a game where they are against more skilled opponents is simply, to get better. 




    Many variables to why I would leave a game and it also depends on game mode....for example



    Hardcore-  If I get in a lobby where people are purposely team killing/screwing around...I'll leave.

    One in the Chamber-If you are the last 2 people and you are just screwing around to run down clock or if you are both camping on opposite sides of the map not moving...I'll leave.

    Boosters- I've only seen it 1 time so far on BOPS2, but I'll leave.

    Extreme Lag-  I generally don't get REAL bad lag, but every once in awhile I'll rubberband etc.  If its bad enough....I'll leave

    LIFE-Sometimes we have to get off the game in hurry and tend to our 'real lives'.

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    Carralo Mystic

    I'll leave for one reason,  team that is spawn killing.  once in awhile I'll get into a game where the other team is doing nothing but spawn killing,  not traping,  but staring down at the spawn point waiting for people to spawn.  far as I'm concerned it's a form of boosting.

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    1) extreme lag I can cope with a little lag but if it's at the point I can't even move or I'm bouncing round corners I will leave


    2) spawn trapping and killing I don't mind joining a game even if we're getting beat but I'm not staying in a game I've joined just to help pad someone else's k/d ratio


    3) people not playing properly by not playing the objective and just ranking up kills and that includes my own team

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    he only time i realy leave a game other than people dashbording and bad connection drop outs

    is playing with europeans or americans as the game just total lag fest for me

    other than that i just stay till the death win loose good bad lag no lag

    the game is what it is ive come to accept that now and just crossing fingers for a E3 anoucment in june for new xbox next gen and hopeing for a xmas release to put this franchise behind me

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    I never leave. Even when I have a teammate waiting to get picked up for the next match, they have to wait until it's over for pickup. I absolutely detest quitters and refuse to be amongst the ranks of ragebabies that can't take a loss.

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    when the team obviously doesn't care about the objective and only want to kill whore, or when someone is running around with god mode turned on

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    Anytime I see boosting - I report and leave.

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    I leave so many matches right now its not even funny.  If i shoot my gun and the first bullet doesnt register, i will leave the match and...whadya know...migrating host.  i will then proceed to the next match of domination losing 185 - 60 and will leave that match since ill lose anyway.   next match immediate spawn will involve getting hit with a hunter killer or lightning strike.  so long.  maybe around the 4th or 5th match ill get put in a game that im not the hos, the score is fair, and I will actually enjoy the experience.  That is until the host leaves to then leave me as host, then the whole process starts over. lol its alot of work and effort to play this game.  

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    When Im the host and its obvious cause Im 1-8 and never go negative, or when the host gives everyone a connection that feels like my guy has Parkinsons.