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Canadian's can't buy the season pass?


They advertise the season pass as $49.99.  The "buy now" links don't work. You're better off buying them seperately cause you don't save any money. It's like $70 for 5000 ms points. And there's no possible way to buy just the 4000 you need for the season pass. I'm done with activision. There's also no way to contact your support team. There's no email.contact. You call the phone number and it takes you through a maze of push this number push that number. And then the call ends. I post questions on the forums and no one answers. People are blind to the toture these twisted pricks put us through and they don't care. Boycott, boycott, boycott. It's sad that the Call of Duty chain has come to an end with me. And I refuse to spend a penny on them cause they don't want to spend a second on me.