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Some advice for people sick of rage quitters and bad players


I have noticed a lot of people who are upset and which I do not fully blame who are fed up with rage quitters and bad players so here's a few tips so maybe perhaps avoid people like these in the future and how to spot them.


Well some advice if you decide to take which I'm sure most of you already follow this but do not play with people who don't have mics. You cannot tell what their intentions are if they do not speak. Find ransoms with mics. Before you start screaming at everyone to ready up. Simply take a few minutes to ask everyone what their goals are because in a lot of cases people will say something like "I'm just trying to play a few rounds" "I'm just going to max my bank and I'm done" "I have to go to bed in a hour" "I have to go to work In 2 hours" if someone said that to me and I started the game anyways and then they left it would be my fault not there's. don't make the CLASSIC MISTAKE and assume that everyone who plays zombies wants to dedicate more then 6 to 10 hours to play the game.


Some people only want to play for a little bit. Now if they lie to you and then leave then ya that's messed up and stressful but if you join a lobby and start yelling at everyone to ready up and then an hour later or 10 minutes later someone leaves that's entirely you're fault. Get to know the people you're playing with a little better. I'm not telling you to hang out with them but simply just take a few minutes to ask what they are trying to do. If you plan on dedicating hours and hours into one zombie match to get far then it will not kill you to spend a few minutes trying to find the right players who you are speaking with and acknowledging that they have the same intentions as you meaning they are trying to make it far also.


I play 4 people all the time all day. I play with randoms %75 of the time. I rarely ever have anyone rage quit because I follow a simple basic set of a few rules that I have to make sure I don't get screwed over and waste my time. In result to following these rules the outcome is amazing and I'm happy to say that almost all matches I play we make it as far as we can get without people leaving. Here they are...



1. Don't waste time with no mics if you're trying to play serious. They don't communicate so simply don't know if they are leaving in a few minutes or an hour. Communication is simple yet the key to success. If a no mic goes down its hard to pin point where they are yet and god forbid they die there's a good chance they will rage quit. If a no mic needs to use the restroom real bad for example and can't speak to let you know to save a zombie and watch their back. Well there's a good chance you're going to pass round after round until that person is fed up and leaves. So don't play with no mics.


2. Understand that kids that are young who play the game regardless if they have mics or not are not in complete charge of their free time all day. Some have parent who will force them to get ready to eat or do homework. This means they must leave the game. An adult doesn't have mommy and daddy there to tell hey that's enough video games time for you to go outside and play for a bit or its time for bed mister. So don't feel so confident when playing with kids even if they insist they can play for the next 10 hours because those kids do have some one in charge above them. It can even be an older brother that says its my turn to play or a sister that says I need to do my homework and I have to use the Internet and you have the only hard line cable time to get off. Get the picture?


3. These guys in here all have mics but one or all are yelling to ready up. So I usually try and communicate to get a better understanding of what everyone is trying to accomplish in this match so I ask. What are you guys trying to do? "We are going to glitch" GOODBYE "I can play for a half an hour then I got to pick up girlfriend" GOODBYE "I'm trying to beat my high round" ok so then are you willing to keep playing let's even if we beat you're high round and we are still not dead. If this persons answers with something like...

A. Maybe I don't know

B. No (for whatever reason)

C. Just ready up (avoiding my simple question)

D. (Acting immature)

E. (Talking trash)

Then perhaps this person is not very reliable. Ya it may seem as if you're wasting you're time going from lobby to lobby to try and find the right players and you rather just start the game as soon as you enter a lobby then you really cannot complain when someone sabotages the game. Remember if you're planning on wasting hours to achieve a high round then perhaps it won't kill you to waste a couple minutes to find people such as yourself who are also willing to waste hours to achieve a high round. Don't just assume everyone who is playing or have ever played zombies are only playing to try and get as far as they can go. Everyone has different intention. Me personally I'm not always chasing high rounds depending on how much time I have and what I feel like doing then I let everyone know what my plans are so that they are fully aware. Sometimes they say "alright ready up" sometimes "get the #### out" and sometimes they back our of the lobby or even ask me to leave but I follow everything written above and this is why I'm proud to say I'm not experiencing any issues as far as rage quitting or knuckle heads who aren't team players.


So I hope this helps to maybe perhaps avoid some of the issues some of you are having until maybe and hopefully Treyarch can resolve this issues if they even plan on it to begin with. So good luck.

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    Here's a few more...


    4. Play with friend who you know are reliable and trust. I understand that not always you're friends are going to be online and willing to play and have the same intentions as you. Meaning either trying to get the Easter egg, just messing around, or even trying to get far. So in that case which sometimes can leave you with no other option then besides to play with randoms. Just simply add players who you feel are up to you're standards. If you continue to communicate and make new friends then perhaps when certain players who you wish to play with are not online at least you have met new people who may be on. After awhile if you have built a big enough friends list with good zombie players then there should always be someone online weither or not they are willing to play is a whole new other issue.


    5. If you want to play with only 2 or 3 I can understand how sometimes it can be hard to start a game with only that number but here's a tip. If you ready up and the games going to begin and someone joins either ask them to leave or back out. You can even ask 1 or 2 more friends to join you're lobby/party instruct them to ready up and leave a few seconds before the game starts. You can even convince random strangers to help you with this task. Now if the game accidentally begins with an extra random or two it doesn't mean forget it now I have to play with them for the next 6 hours or whatever. Just easily back out before the lobby begins the game or if its to late back out as soon as the games starts to allow them to find other players and you to retry playing with the certain amount of players that you're trying to play with.


    6. There are a lot of zombie clans that you may join to find good players or even communities like this forums which have thousands of players who are looking for people just like you. It's not just this forums. There's hundreds of sites to go to which don't require you to join or register or anything to supply you with good zombie players. You can even post a question on yahoo answers asking for good zombie players on Xbox, ps3, or pc. Leave you're gamertag/ps3 network I.D and people will add you or reply back who are interested.


    Take a look at the bright side. Back in black ops 1 when the host quit the game ended. At least in BO:2 it migrates to save the game from ending. Ya the high round may not count anymore but you're stats will still count such as (kills, downs, headshots, ECT). Also keep in mind that if you're high round is only something like 14 for example and you're playing with 2, 3, or 4 people and someone leaves at round 23 then the leaderboards will still save but only on the round that the person left which would be round 23. If you choose to keep playing then the round would be saved on 23 but you're stats will keep counting up and saving. So it could be a lot worse were if someone left then nothing counts not even stats. Which would then make that entire match and all the time and effort you put into it would be a complete waste. So hopefully this helps a bit.

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      Still havnt read it all, but from my experience people with mics quit just as much.


      Will post again when I finish reading

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        Ya you're right but if you try to talk to the person it will kind of give you an idea of what kind of player they are and if by talking the person it raises any red flags then don't play with them. I had a guy in a lobby ask me if I wanted to try and make it into the fourties with him when other people started joining I heard him talking the background without muting his mic saying something like ya give me an hour and we can leave. When I questioned him he told me to shut the **** up and ready up or get the **** out of here. So I decided to leave. I did t want to bust my ass playing for an hour trying to do my best while thinking I'm going to make it really far then bam this guy leaves all the sudden and no I can't finish accomplishing my goal. So now me and the other guys have to restart and wasted nearly an hour which that hour could of been a very good start into reaching my goal.

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          Like I know that a lot of people will lie and tell you anything just to get you to ready up and start the game which sometimes is unavoidable when they decieve you like that but at least attempting to communicate can sometimes weed out players who are honest and will tell you their intentions which sometimes are the opposite of you'res. if you saw me in a lobby and said he dude want to just play you and I and get far and I said no sorry i just want to play for a bit and go to bed and you decided okay that's fine and ready up and then an hour later when I leave the game. You can't get super pissed and upset that we had a good start and now you can't no longer beat you're record in this game without restarting. When I told you I have to leave soon and you were fine with it. Now if we both joined a lobby and didn't say a word to day other besides ready up and do you have a mic? Then an hour later I left. It would be my fault for not mentioning and you're fault for assuming I can play the game for 1 hour or 10 hours if we last that long. That's all trying to say here. I watch and hear people with mics in lobby's all the time scream and talk trash to one another to start the game without getting a basic idea of what everyone is trying to do and then get furious when someone leaves.

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    Excellent advice.  However your always going to have this problem without seeing a players high levels. Unless you've got players evenly matched, and let's not even mention those silly badges, then someone is always going to drop out.  The game will always get to a level that is unplayable for all of us, whether that's 20 rounds or 99.  Once this level is reached for an individual, no amount of help will keep them going.

    the game is over for them.

    Lobby leaderboards are better for the noobs, whether they realise it or not. A game of unevenly matched players Is no good for anyone.

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    You can always have 2/3 players on xbox, if you have a 2nd controller sign in as guest and then sign out during the countdown.  Not back out, SIGN out.


    When I am in the lobby, I will usually keep them talking while I check their recent game history.

    I understand when they dashboard, it will not show up, but if I see a series of 10 min games, I will avoid playing with them.


    Also, and this applied from BO1.  If you join a lobby and someone readys up right away, they are usually casual players, since they do not care about who they play with.

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    @Tattoey - What is your PSN, so there serious PS3 players can add you?


    Those posting in this thread should list their PSNs, so we can all add each other and have a friends list of committed zombies players.

    PSN: zzMyzz

    HR: 38 (Tranzit /w 4 ppl)