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  • 80. Re: DLC Peacekeeper SMG

    greggggggg wrote:



    As we said if they had it built into the game as a memory slot then YES that is possible.


    I am sure Mac was right when he said it was built in a memory slot.


    As for other people using it when dropped we will see about that.


    Cant wait for the "this weapon is overpowered" posts on it with people not being able to use the gun.

  • 81. Re: DLC Peacekeeper SMG

    Absolutely agree. There is no way i will buy DLC until I see exactly what it is i am getting (not just in terms of whether a new gun is available or not)

  • 82. Re: DLC Peacekeeper SMG

    Obviously i want as much as everyone else to have the Peackeeper in MP. However, having listened a couple of times to the video and they do not categorically confirm that the weapon will be available in MP.


    Some very clever editing and marketing have been done before realising that video to make you it sound /appear to be something which will 'obviously be included'. Personally I'm still not convinced I would rather wait to see what happens and buy when I know what i'm getting.


    It would'nt be the first time a major blue chip organisation has gone out of its way to be 'economical with the truth'. In this case its very much about economics.

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    When i went online to play the notice that comes up as you load MP said about the release of Revolution and it said new weapon for Multiplayer.


    I also says exclusive multiplayer weapon here


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    I think it's safe to say that it will be an MP weapon. They have had multiple new weapons in Zombies, even back in WaW they had Zombie weapons for DLC.


    I think i saw footage of it being used in Multi-player in the Revolution MP reveal.

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    When I turned on BO2 last night the message of the day said the Peacekeeper will be available for Multiplayer. I also read it's a cross between a submachine gun and an assault rifle so we will need to get it gold if we want diamond on assault rifles AND sub machine guns.

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    Well thats cool. If they are classing online Zombies as 'Multiplayer' then that would be ridiculously misleading. I can't imagine how they could market it with that much of slant.


    So yes I am now more convinced than ever. Cheers for the link!


    If it doesn't happen i'll never buy from them again.

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    So assuming it's in MP, how will it work for players who don't get the DLC? They can't equip it in CaC but they can pick it up in-game if someone else drops it or what?

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    Highly doubt that you need it to get diamond. That would mean they'd have to reset diamond for the players that already have it on those categories, which I do not believe they'd do.

  • 89. Re: DLC Peacekeeper SMG

    yup the consoles didn't have enough ram for the weapons. somthing to do with the way the game engine allocates ram.

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