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A non compliant thread. Omg!? i know right?

First off let me start this thread by saying if you have anything negative to say or cry about please use 100 other threads to do so.



Now I completely love this game I think it's been balanced  perfectly there no one weapon that's stands out from the rest. I see tons of different weapons setups being used unlike past cods. Alot people cry for nerfs like be honest they are tired of being killed its not the weapons that getting you killed so much its the bad decision you make in game. Play smarter die less. And you don't have to camp to achieve this.


Maps there small & cater to run n gunners like me im enjoying the crap out these maps my favorite being express fighting in a train station? Yes please!


Perks : i love how perks no longer affect your gun. this is brilliant no longer can you have  QuickDraw if you pick up someone else weapon unless they

have that attachment equipped.


Ghost 100% balanced campers at a disadvantage as they should be.


Pick 10 system finally freedom at last to setup any kind of class awesome.


so what do you guys enjoy in black ops 2?


again please save the tears for another thread 

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    Why should campers be at a "disadvantage" since it's a legitimate play-style? Maybe those run-and-gunners should not be allowed to have laser sight to make things fair? Remove the quick aim after sprinting from dexterity too.


    You say "no one weapon that's stands out from the rest" and "I see tons of different weapons setups being used? Are you joking, or just blind? The PDW-57 and MSMC come to mind, Maybe even the FAL.


    Sorry, but you sound like some ignorant teenaged fan-boy that's eating whatever Treyarch gives you. There's hundreds of "tear" threads here for a reason: The game is terrible.


    I don't even know why I bothered getting to Prestige Master. You get nothing for it. Wasted my time.

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      I'm 25 years old far from teen age fan boy. Pdw,msmc,fal sure ppl using them is it everyone no go back to mw3 where full teams just used pp90m1 & mp7 nothing else so no im not blind I see tons of different weapons being used in blk ops 2.


      This game is far from terrible.


      & yes anyone who wants to sit in the back of the map all game long ignoring the objective deserves to be on the radar. Camping legit playstyle for bad players

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    Things I like/enjoy:


    The maps-Most of them are lots of fun. 

    Pick 10 create a class-I think this was super awesome and I love the options I have

    Emblem Creator-Yes this was in the previous BOPS, but I feel like I have more ability with this version.

    The Guns (I've tried)-I haven't picked up alot of weapons to try them out, but the ones I have tried..I enjoy

    Game Modes-For some reason I've actually started playing only objective mode games.  I never really played them on any other COD (always TDM or FFA and I tried others but never got hooked)...but once I started on this one...I got hooked.

    Report a Player-  I haven't used it much....but it's nice to have the ability to pin point why you are reporting them.

    Score streaks-I LOVE this new addition...which probably is the reason I'm more hooked on objective modes now (refer to Game Modes above), compared to when there were killstreaks.

    Dolphin Dive- It's just fun to do sometimes...and it makes for cool kill cams if you avoid a death by dolphin diving


    Of course I've got a list of dislikes, but for the sake of your thread OP...I'll keep them to myself...as I've been able to do so far (mostly), throughout my "forum career" here.

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    BAHAHAHA your such a TROLL OP

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    Ghost is 100% balanced campers at disadvantage? Do you even read what you write. Youre contradicting yourself.  God forbid people should have to look on their screen  to find people to shoot at.

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    This game is pretty good. If they fixed the lag then I think the game would be top tier.


    The number one thing I like, pick 10 coupled with a pretty balanced perk system. It is completely refreshing. No longer do I run the same perks on 90% of my classes. I actually have specialized classes that I can cater to myself and not feel like I'm at a disadvantage.


    2, score streaks. Finally something to help break the camp fest that previous titles had.


    3, campaign. Usually overlooked but was actually pretty good.


    4, mostly balanced guns. Yes there is and always will be some that are better than others. But this isn't like MW3 where 75% of the community used 1 of 3 guns. A side note is the assault shield change. If lag was fixed the assault shield would be amazing with the ability to plant it.