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    Um it's not a law. It's a suggested rating.Their is no law on video game sales. Yet....

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    bo2 is 18..across the board...the mature sign you show has nothing to do with bo2..pegi 18+ means just that 18+ please show bo2 pegi sign...no parental guidence on it...18+ thats it mp or campaign...check on actvision web site...and its an enforced law anyone under 18 is in breach of that law....

    Rize_BHo wrote:



    *this is not the exactly rating for BO2 but its close enough*


    Please note the bottom.  Also technically its 17+ Not 18+.... and finally it is not "breaking the law" it would be breaking the law to buy or try to buy the game while under the age of 17, but is not in anyway "breaking the law" to play. Just like going to see an R rated movie, if you are accompanied by an adult you can get in to see it.  It is the parents job to decide if their child is mature enough to handle the game.

  • 242. Re: The Pick 10 system is a lie.

    Grab your torches!

  • 243. Re: The Pick 10 system is a lie.

    The OP simply is trying to say...


    "While the pick 10 system is a good concept, it is hindered by pointless restrictions that only supress the players creativity when it comes to creating a class.  It is also misleading in the description in the game info at the loading screens.


    There is no need for some of the restrictions because people still will complain about OP'd weapons regardless.  Further more the restrictions do not make the game balanced, people are still whining about overpowered crap as it is.


    The way to maintain balance is to give everyone equal access to all equpment while providing equal ways to counter."



    That is the Final word of the OP take it as you want

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    Yes and we have gone over this..... multiple multiple times.


    The players for the first time have the ability to be creative.  Having no restrictions will result in More OP classes than already possible.  If you dont believe that then you obviously dont understand the mechanics of this game. And The balance is maintained and everyone is given equal access to all equiptment. 


    We already showed the OP that this "pick any 10" was a bad idea and would only make things worse

  • 245. Re: The Pick 10 system is a lie.

    Edit double post.

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    I like the Pick 10 system. It brings back some of the variety that Black Ops 1 and MW3 took away from CoD.


    And there is a way, without any cheating or hacking, to get a little bit more than 10. But how many of you have worked out how yet?

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    i know there is pick 17 in private games.


    However the same restrictions apply....If anything this style of pick 10 would be nice to see in private matches.


    It would also be interesting if they just rolled with it and replaced the least popular party game for it and try it out... if it doesn't pick up steam and people dont play, then delete it and try something new.



    I would like to see this added just because it would be nice to see what crazy classes people come up with over powered or not...It would be just a fun expirimental game type for those who desire more customization and a greater challenge.

  • 248. Re: The Pick 10 system is a lie.

    Your mistake is in thinking that the there is any law about it in the US where the game is made and where the company that makes it resides. There is no law in the US about it, anyone of any age can play the game in the US. There is no law that they are breaking ever.


    So you ar wrong about anyone being under 18 playing it is against the law at least in the US and 3arc is not going to do anything about anyone here in the US playing it that is under the age of 18 beause they are in the US and only really subject to US laws about how the game has to work.

  • 249. Re: The Pick 10 system is a lie.

    I'm not talking about private games. With a certain set up and by doing certain things in game, you can get a bit more than 10 in Core games!

    And it's all legal, no cheating at all!


    i discovered it by accident and I bet I'm not the only one.

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