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I have tried and tried to get intouch with someone about getting help. I downlaoded Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3: Collection 4: Final Assault (1) for ps3 and when I enter mulity played mode I can not find games for most of the modes. their are some mode in stander and community that I can play on but whin I go into the diffrent list and click on the mode that I want to play i get no games found. I have deleted the downloaed maps and I do not get the problem.


    once installed they are there.  go to private match and see and find the maps there they are probably listed as dlc.


    Its because no one is playing all those maps. I only have the first 2 DLC and it takes a while to find a game. If I disable the map packs I find a game really quick. Most if not all the people who own all 4 DLC have moved on to BO2. I hate to say it but I think you wasted your money on them.


    So you only have the 4th map pack ?


    With DLC you are best to either have all of it or have none - because you will only be matched with people that have the exact same DLC setup as you.


    If you only have the 4th map pack chances are thats why you cannot find any games.


    Basically if you get all the map packs you'll have no problems finding games.




    Hola a todos y en primer lugar Gracias, os comento me he descargado la última colección de mapas del MW3 la Número 4, toda la descarga ha ido genial y el código de activación también, luego me lo he descargado en el idioma Español con el código BLES 01432.El problema esta que a la hora de jugar multijugador al modo extremo con rebote, entro en una sala previa, pero me dice que no se han encontrado partidas. He probada a intentar meterme en otros modos y me dice lo mismo, en el único modo en el que puedo jugar es en el modo estándar a muerte por equipos.

    No entiendo porque me sale esto porque antes de descargarlo me funcionaba muy bien el modo extremo incluyendo los mapas Terminal y los otros dos

    Lo que a mí me gustaría saber es como lo puedo solucionar para poder jugar en el modo extremo y que el resto de modos vuelvan a funcionar




    Hello everyone and thanks firstly, I commented I downloaded the latest collection of maps of MW3 the number 4, the entire download has been great and the activation code too, then I've downloaded in the Spanish language with code BLES 01432.El problem is that when playing multiplayer mode with rebound end, after I enter a room, but she says no matches found. I tried to get into other ways to try and tell me the same thing, in the only way that I can play it in standard mode Team Death.

    Do not understand why I get this because before I worked very well download mode terminal end including maps and two

    What I would like to know is how I can resolve to play in extreme mode and other modes working again