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Supercrunch Audio bug (Switch to headset)


I finally figured out what causes most of the audio sound glitch, it's the supercrunch sound option. If you switch to headset, you won't be getting the sound glitch nearly as often, if ever (it's much rarer). Treyarch need to look into there sound option and test playing the game on supercrunch audio on MULTIPLAYER against REAL PEOPLE until they get the audio glitch, maybe than they will find out what's causing the issue.


It's not anyones ps3 that's causing the glitch so don't worry about your ps3. The developers over at treyarch need to test by playing the game against real players, not test it by playing against other developers on LAN. They need to play and test it on a REAL multiplayer game over and over until they get the glitch.


So for everyone who is getting the sound glitch very often, make sure to switch to a different sound option. If you use a headset, it's recommended you switch to the headset audio option.


Let me know if this helps reduce your sound bug problem or if it gets rid of it all together .