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MW3 : True Dolby 5.1 ?


Hi Guys


I have just purchased a True 5.1 headset (Tritton PRO+) for my PC but i dont understand how to have a true 5.1 sound.


Headset is connected with Optical


-Headset works great with movie and 5.1 signal is detected.


But when i launch the game no 5.1 signal is detected, obviously in game i have selected "5.1 speakers"

I have seen in forum that the sound card need to be "Dolby Digital Live" compliant but Dolby Digital Live transform all signal to 5.1 signal so it's not a real 5.1. (With Dolby Digital Live enable i have a 5.1 signal detected in headset but it's not a solution considering that is virtual 5.1 )


does MW3 (PC) have a true dolby 5.1 sound ? if not i don't understand why ..

With PS3 the game have a true 5.1 soundtrack.


Thank's a lot for your help




Concerning my configuration:

Sound card : I have creative Recon3Di (embedded in laptop) and i tried with External Asus Xonar U1 (that support Dolby Digital Live)

Laptop : Alienware M17x R4

OS : Windows 7 x64