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So after once again having to forcefully shut down my ps3 after a screen freeze of black ops2, My ps3 now no longer works.  The thing you put the disc in doesnt work anymore and all wireless things dont work (controller, headset). I WANT TREYARCH TO PAY FOR MY BROKEN PS3 W.T.F


    Same thing happen to mine pissed off


    Have you tried to reset the entire console?


    May you be playing multiplayer or campaign, the game has this annoying chance to freeze.

    • Game can crash as you load up a match on multiplayer.
    • Game can crash as you are in a campaign intermission(the VTOLs are shown flying or landing on the Obama)
    • I quit the game lobby, next thing I known they throw me into a random domination game. I was literally at the multiplayer "main" screen already where you get to choose to play online, LAN or locally.
    • Probably not a huge flaw for most people, but for people with bad net connection I think the zombies game mode screws up the multiplayer connection. For bad net, if you set connection type to BEST, you can't find a game. When i moved to multiplayer, I couldn't get into games either. I switch it back to ANY, and its easy to join games in both zombies and multiplayer.

    Bottom line is, the game seems to crash very often and it CANNOT be good for the console. It DOES NOT happen anywhere near this often with every other game we've played on the console. A common conclusion to make is that its the game's fault, unless otherwise fixed or disproved by the developers.


    Same thing to me it started freezing whenever, so I'd do the same as you guys, reset system restore files ect, so today I went to GameStop where I preordered the game the guy gave me a brand new sealed copy and I brought it home and it worked but now it's happening w other discs when it was just black ops 2 this issue was caused by activision, they knew the game would overload the hd that's why this game has the option to install files on the hard drive so it doesn't stress out ram, or whatever but it didn't work, I did that three days into first buying the game when It froze I contacted them and they said it would stop if I installed t on the hd like the game asks, so I did, then the game would freeze here n there for a few spec during gameplay and the game would freeze freeze here n there now my ps3 is all screwed up, I have a 320 gig w games and movies valuing over a 600 dollars I highly doubt activision will buy everyone new ps3 s on their own, but I fully intend to take them to court I have a great lawyer in my family who has agreed to take the case anyone that this has happened to that wants to get what their owed keep responding over and over here show us your updates I tried to get activision today I was on hold for 2 hours before my call was disconnected I was so mad I broke my phone lol so now they cost me a 500 dollar iPhone as well I'm sick of this bull from these game companies we need to stop buying their games and playing them if we're to have a voice that gets heard maybe for starters lets see how many people we can get to not play call of duty for a day

    Then they will see the power of customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction


      A couple pieces of advice.

      1. Learn to grammar. Maybe things wouldn't seem like one big sentence and run together. Also, maybe people would learn to take you seriously instead of thinking you're just an idiot that has no idea what he/she is talking about.

      2. Stop blaming Activision for your own misfortunes. I understand the game had a huge impact on a lot of people's PS3s, just like my own. However, it is YOUR choice to purchase the game and continue playing it after knowing of the effects it may have after it happens a couple of times. It is YOUR choice to obsess over the game like a ten year old. It is YOUR choice to decide that you want to break your $500 iPhone. Activision doesn't owe you anything. They don't owe you a new PS3. You had the option to return the game within the allotted time frame that each store gives. You had the option to not break your phone. If you want to sue Activision and form a class action lawsuit, be my guest. However, going up against a multi-billion dollar company, I don't see your puny lawyer going very far.