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I need your pc gamers advice. Im stuck please read and gelp me out

What is up guys i am currents a ps3 player. But have been talkin at school about some pc and it sounds amazing and i think id really enjoy it honestly. Uhm first off i need to know the best brands of computers out there. 2nd off can i build my own. 3rd what is the best but cheapest i could get one for. Can i get a mic for it. Hows it overall work. Also could i maybe buy a ps3 like controller for it. I just feel like itd be much easier. I have about 700 dollars rite now. Pease help also this is for you guys ik its a ton to read please check out youtube and subscribe





Whats up guys. We are the Swift Gunners. We are an organized up and coming clan hopefully. We participate in clan ops and almost always take gold. We want active decent people that can get online communicate win and get the job done.


-YOU MUST HAVE OVER A 1 KDR. Kd doesnt matter much but obviously if you dont have above a one jd youre now doing something right.

- must have a mic or at least get one very soon. It is much easier to play and win.

- be active and when we invite you actually play.

- for serious gamers that want to bettter themselves and be part of a serious clan.

We also have a sniping team we will most likely need some more snipers.

We are also trying to get GB (game battles) team but we need someone that is extremely good to lead that team. We are a dedicated clan looking for loyal dedicated players. We actually want to get to know each and every person. Possibly one day be the real deal but all of thatakes time. Please be patient with us. Also we are so so so clise to gold clan tags. Maybe one more ops and its there. Extremely excited to start taking in and accepting and getting to know our decent players.

Here are people you can add that can direct you and help you out

1. zDaVicHi

2. xBung


Thats it for now.

Also this one thing you guys want also and here it is yes YOUTUBE we also need people that can do youtube.  Here are links







Please please please take your time to like comment and subscribe it would be great appreciated and thank you. Also if you meet all the requirements please apply.



Also in the comments fill out below this and ask any questions you need

1. Psn name

2. If you have a mic

3. If you have a capture card if so what and can you do commentaries. Also link youtube channel well try to subscribe back if you subscribe to us.

4. Also your kd

Thanks guys and hopefully you guys like us and we are a good fit. I dont know what else to say.

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    Well it looks as if your setup as a PS3 clan, and to be honest I would stick with it as for the PC version of this game it is full of cheaters with very high KDR's. as for a PC I would check out the required specs needed for the game and shop around online to see if you can get one that meets them. the most common controler is a XBox but that said there is not controler support for the PC version of the game, just keyboard and mouse, which in fact is faster than using a controler. but good luck in getting your clan together ...