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Care package bounce


This is getting to be real pain the a$$ now, when will this bug be fixed??



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    agreed, I've had it happen three or 4 times. The HKD disappearing after chasing a UAV is a PITA also.

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    LMAO!!!  Sorry,  I know it's frustrating....but that is funny as well!   This is why I always have a couple classes with black hats on them.  My buddy lost one over the sidewall by the garage on that same map yesterday and luckily we always hang back to cover the other getting packages and luckily I had my black hat.  The cool thing is that even though I got his care package (counter UAV) it benefitted us both and he got 200 points after game for sharing a care package.

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    The funny thing is, last week I was on Drone and called one in by spawn point at "A" flag and it didn't drop, so I thought the enemy hacked it coming in.  So I looked around for a bit then headed off to the helipad and seen it sitting up on that real high light pole, LOL!  I switched my class to a blackhat one, died and went to get my package.  I wish that one would have bounced and not stayed up there.

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    LMAO. I got a way to get that package, but won't reveal my secret.

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    I have had care packages melt into the ground as well as bounce what seems like 100 yards off of the map.

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    I had one drop in Turbine the other day that apparently landed JUST right to where it never "settled" and therefore wouldn't allow me to pick it up.

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    Has anyone had it where the carepackage just falls through the ground.

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    I should have saved the theater clip of some funny stuff I did one night playing on Hijacked.


    I thought I was going to be smart and go through the engine room of the ship into the enemy spawn. Well. I got trapped down there. I mean, it was working out for me. I was killing the guys coming after me, but I was running low on ammo and they kept coming from both directions.


    Luckily I had the Care Package set as one of my scorestreaks. Desperate, I threw down the first CP smoke in the engine room, called in a UAV and CUAV and then got enough points for another UAV and another CP. I called those in, as well.


    It was a chance in a million, I thought to myself, that the other team would actually go after the CPs and give me a chance to escape the engine room. After all, there was no way those CPs were going to land on the deck in places where they could be reached. And, in fact, that's exactly what happened. The CPs landed on the roofs of the for and aft cabin areas.


    But it worked.


    I was laughing so hard that I got killed about five seconds after I left the engine room.

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    G Kevin

    Wierd glitch, that one.


    Try having a blackhat with you. I tend to throw my carepackages out of the map and retrieve them with a blackhat.

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      Pretty much this, the only downside is you wont be able to change it. But whatever, the easiest solution is simply remove the scorestreak from the game. Its not hard to get scorestreaks in this game. CP has always been a crutch.

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    I know what you mean, I posted this before but I still have not seen one higher