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I know, I know....I'm a little behind.

Look guys and gals, I'm an old guy who has always been a gamer. I had systems way before Atari 2600 and have owned every system since. Here's the run down, I got my son an XBOX for Christmas which gave me the PS3 back. I've never gotten into the multi-player side of COD, just the campaigns and spec ops stuff. I've completed all the campaigns on every COD. So, during the Christmas break, I decided to give it a try. So I created an account and started playing multi-player. At first I got frustrated at the fact that I would take a few steps and die. Seemed like I had some sort of bullet magnet attached to me. But after a few games and getting killed 150 times, I started to do a little better. Now. I know I'm playing an old, unsupported game by playing MW3 but it's all I have at the moment. Plus, it seems like there are still a lot of people playing it. So here are my questions. First, having never played multi before, where should I be by week 3? I only play for a few hours here and there and I'm a level 65. Is that decent? Secondly, what the heck is this Prestige stuff? How do you do it? Is there an online guide that explains what it is? What makes it special? Should an old guy like me even worry about it? lol Third, what are clans? Is there one for beginners? Should I even join one? Why would I join one? Lastly, I have a headset but dont currently use it. Should I? I'm just an ordinary father, husband kind of guy and don't get into verbal bashing and trash talking. So I figured I didn't need a headset while playing. I know I'm a noob and suck at this game. Didn't figure I needed a headset to listen to a bunch of people tell me I suck. My kills are still pretty low but I'm getting better. I average around 8 - 10 per game. I've had a few good ones where I got 17 - 20. I mostly play TDM but am looking at some of the others. Lastly, any advise for a new guy? Games to play where I am not so out matched? Anything would be appreciated. I'm SOA_FAN1 so add me if you want. Maybe someone will actually want to help an old guy out. Thanks.

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    You should use your headset, it makes a big difference (well, for me anyway) you can hear where the enemy is clearer than just on your TV. You don't need to worry about the prestige stuff until you're lvl 80, and then if/when you do decide to prestige, it resets the game kinda thing so you start back at lvl 1 (but prestige lvl 1 also) so you gotta unlock all guns and stuff again, but you keep emblems and some challanges (total kills with weapons and things like that). I play mostly TDM and Kill Confirmed.

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    I'm 45 so I'm considered an old guy by COD standards as well.


    You have a headset - definitely use it - you can hear enemy footsteps and even if its not surround you get a general idea where they are coming from.  You may want to mute anyone who yacks a lot or makes a ton of noise - this is what I do.


    As far as Prestiging - Its up to you - really all it gets you is a symbol by your name and another create a class every second Prestige up to a max of 10.  I'm 20th Prestige so I went through the ranks 20 times - but I'm mental. lol


    I'll give you my favorite class setup - this class is a beast and should serve you well on most maps.


    Primary - ACR - use Attachments and then Silencer and Extended Mags (or Silencer and Red Dot Sight if you need help aiming.


    Secondary - MP9 Machine Pistol - Silenced (best secondary IMO)


    Frag Grenade


    2 X Concussion Grenades


    Sleight of Hand (for faster reloading)


    Assassin (so you are undetected by enemy UAV's)


    Stalker (so you move faster while aiming down sights)


    For Kill Streaks I usually run UAV - Predator - Attack Helicopter (you may want to run Care Package so you can try out some of the higher streaks)


    I use this class on most maps except maybe Sea Town, Hard Hat and Arkaden.  These three are tighter close in maps so I go with the MP7 Sub Machine gun Silenced instead.


    Remember practice makes perfect and learn the maps.

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    HI there .... so your basically the boyfriend and I about 5 months ago .....so here are my few crappy tips...

    1) the account you are playing currently ...see it as your "learning how to play the game account" ...use it to try out the guns as they come up.... learn the maps and where the enemy  are spawning .... this account should be kept to test things ... we have a joint account that has a terrible kill to death ratio and always will as are use it to test different things...

    2) make a noob class .... ie run assassin with a silent weapon ... and have blind eye ..helicopters of death are no fun ... this will give you a fighting chance to kill people...

    3) Rather than presitiging this first account ..make a new account, once you know the maps, this will improve its k/d ratio from the get go.

    4).. I would also recommend playing domination ground war .... big maps many many people and when you cap the flags you get 150 points ... shoot down a helicopter there's another 100 points .. kill a person taking your flag another 50 points ....don't try to cap enemy flags by yourself wait till someone from your side turns up also .... so my point with domination is that even in a crappy game you can get 1500 points per game yourself.

    5) as for levels our split screen accounting is now prestige 6 ... hence proving ANYONE can presitage given enough game play ....

    Prestiging makes all your guns go back to level 1 ..... all your perks go back to level 1 ....

    you get to unlock a perk or equipment or exp ..never go double exp OR double weapon exp its a waste of time ... go equipment or perks .... we're noobs so we went ...assassin, acr, hardline, mg36, as our unlocks.


    Clans we aint in one .... most are run by kids for kids ....with high k/d ratios required .... there is a few older players clans out there ... for americans .... saddly none for aussies


    I dont know these people at all ....

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    i am a 37 year old gamer.  I do well and lead most games i play.  generally play with party but play well on my own.  dont think of myself as a great player all i want to do is hold my own.  sstang is correct on the acr setup.  except i run stinger with that class.  most of my classes are blindeye pro hardline pro and marksman pro on my acr classes.  suggest you run support killstreaks since those are there for no worries type of play.  semtex and flashes. sstang is also right about the mp9.  the best gun hands down in the game but i use extended mags with that.  easily a primary weapon.  your kill streaks support.  stealth bomber and advance uav as you get better the escort airdrop is great.  but ballistic vest are helpfull for points and team.  and jennifer is correct except i am the leader of my clan and far from a kid.  you get points for shooting spy planes and helicopters down.  blindeye pro helps you sight them in quicker.  marksman helps for distance even if its an assault rifle.  hardline pro your assists helps you.  every 2 assists counts as kill.  easiest way to get that pro is run specialist killstreaks..  need 80 streaks..   you have to run hardline as main perk.  good luck my little tips for ya.

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    Wow, thanks a lot folks. The info is great. Update, I'm now a level 80 and have most of my perks to pro. I use the ACR a lot followed by the PP90M. I'm currently running mostly Assault with Slight of Hand, Hardline and Stalker. My k/d is improving but not great. I'm having more and more 14 - 20 kill games with fewer deaths. I'm about to reach the 1 month level of playing. I did get dropped into a clan game last night where everyone had a headset. They kinda made me one of the own for a few games and helped me a lot. Real nice guys. Couldn't believe how friendly they were. Sure did make the game a whole lot more fun being able to run with folks and communicate. I guess I'll be looking for a clan and hopefully can find one with nice people. I'm in the central US and play most everynight and am very active. If someone has a suggestion, I'd appreciate it. Thanks again for the tips.