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    weed-cobolt wrote:


    I have played many years on PC before switching to console. But i had better experince playing via 56k modem than on this.


    I have played many FPS games on xbox and PS3 before BO2. (For example all COD since COD4.)

    All of previous games was better (exept when all the hackers came along). But they will take over this game when time come.


    Just make it simple. Good connection=good gameplay. If you do not have good connection then upgrade. That is how it should be.


    If they wanted to make this game an E-sport, that's what they would be focusing on. Not trying to smooth player movements which allows players with higher ping to have their hitbox floating around somewhere in the abyss.

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    And now i will go online and play the last three levels and complete prestige master.

    Then i will start up a new account on Netflix for one month free, just to keep me away from this.

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