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I'm good at this game, I know I am... but here's why I'm hardly ever doing well...

No, it's not a lag post...


It's all you retarded SMG rushers. FACT.


Why you all sprint to other end of the map in the hope of getting a load of enemies from their spawn and ruining the game for everyone is beyond any sensible/normal player. When you do this, die and respawn you then whine over the mic at how you just got shot from behind... WTF DO YOU EXPECT??? YOU'VE FLIPPED THE SPAWNS YOU GOON!!!


So, just been playing a Domo on Slums, my favourite map for Domo. We start at C and I get straight to B (alone yet again I may add) and cap it with a few capture kills. I fall back and see four green triangles on the mini map at the other side of the map and straight away think FFS. I get a few more kills and I'm not far off my VSAT. I'm defending B, the very second I hear "losing C" I'm shot from behind by, guess what, an SMGer with Lightweight and Extreme Condtioning sprinting around like a headless chicken, just like 8 out of 12 of the players in the lobby.

This is happening game after game after game!!!


It's the same in HCTDM, HCKC, and Demolition. It's a f'ing sprint race to the opposite side of the map. It's cheap, it's nooby and it's annoying, not to mention damn right ignorant of team-mates.


This is the exact reason why playing solo is terrible on this game.


Don't get me wrong, when I'm outplayed by a far better player/team, I'm the first to admit it. I never blame anything unless it's the actual cause. I don't cry lag if I'm not lagging. I don't cry camper if who killed me wasn't.


I'm a veteran CoD player, I've owned them all since the first one came to PS2 in 2003. Never have I experienced such idiotic players in the MP mode. BO2 seems to have breeded these idiots.


9 times out of 10, it's the team I'm playing with who F the game up for me.



All the keyboard warriors may now proceed to flame away. A few suggestions are "u mad bro?", "quit your b*tching" and "can't beat 'em, join 'em".

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