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Legit Prestige Master - Tracker


Hey everybody,


For those of y'all that are interested (in sharing your info) here's a thread to track legit Prestige Masters.


If you've reached PM & would like to confirm it was legit - go ahead & put in a comment.


My details are below:


Date (when I reached PM): Jan 13 2013

Time-played (from in-game Barracks): 12+ days

SPM: < 200

KDR: just a little above 1.0

Any other info you'd like to share:

I could get diamonds on SMGs & ARs. Gold on 2 launchers, 2 Snipers. No other weapons levelled-up significantly.

(Edit - added on Jan 18 2013):

Please also let me know what you'll be playing for - say to unlock a  calling card, to get gold-camo / diamond-camo - to improve your statistics - OR some other reason [Now, I assume all of us play the game for fun & enjoyment - so that is a given].


As you can see (from my statistics) - this thread is not to show-off - it's only to track. And there's a reason: I've been reading comments on here that players have joined a "Local" match and then jumped back to Multi-player to see they've lost levels/prestiges, etc. I'm not sure if all of that was real - or it was a consequence of the said player/s trying to glitch/cheat/hack, etc. At least a comment on here can help you - should you run into a trouble later.




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    Although I did a fresh start at prestige 8 level 55, I have prestiged 11 times now.  I'm now prestige 3 level 55.  Here were my stats (with a few extras for fun)


    Time Played: 6 days

    SPM: 390-400

    KDR: 2.05

    W/L: 1.85


    • Favorite Weapon (in terms of kills): Kap 40 (~2,500 kills)
    • Most deadly weapon (in terms of K/D): SWAT (2.86)
    • Most used Scorestreak: UAV (3000+)
    • Most lethal Scorestreak: Lightning strike (~1000 kills)
    • Most played gametype: Kill Confirmed
    • Most used lethal: Semtex
    • Most used tactical: EMP grenade
    • Most kills in one game: 97 (Ground War Domination on Raid)
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    Just hit prestige mastery yesterday night!


    Time Played: 8 days

    Date: Jan 15 2013

    SPM: around 360 - 370

    KDR: 1:10

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    PSN: HellFighter


    It took me just over 6 Playing Days to reach MP. SPM at the time was aroun 475 (dropped due to stupid hail mary challenge). KD should be around 1.53 and W/L about 1.16 I believe (I play solo for most part).

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    PSN:  InstantOG

    Time: 6 days

    SPM: 479

    KD: 1.73

    W/L: 1.63

    with 6 primaries left to all primaries diamonds.


    BTW the M1216 will make you cry if you don't have a full team.

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    Date: 16th of January 2013

    Time Played: 11 days & 1 h

    SPM: 232

    KD: 1.01

    W/L: 40%


    AR and LMG diamond

    Most used weapon AN-94 (ca 3700 kills)

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      I've reset my prestige at third prestige once, and now I'm 8th prestige level 47.


      Score per minute< 360

      Kd< 2.10
      Days< 6
      Winloss< 4.10    



      I have most of my matches in free for all, hence low SPM.

      In Search I have 150 SPM, and Domination 490 SPM with ALOT of captures and plants.

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    PSN:  DarkJ3JB

    Current Time Played: 10.75 Days

    Time to reach Master Prestige: 8.25 Days

    SPM: 274

    KDR: 1.21

    W/L: 1.22


    • Most used Weapon (in terms of kills): MSMC (1,529 kills)
    • Most deadly weapon (in terms of K/D): SCAR-H (6.00) (6 kills ;0)
    • Most used Scorestreak: UAV (2149)
    • Most lethal Scorestreak: Hunter Killer (319 kills)
    • Most played Gametype: Headquarters
    • Most used lethal: Combat Axe (4282 uses) (300 Kills)
    • Most used tactical: Sensor Grenade (3321 uses)
    • Weapons Mastered (including knife): 27
    • Weapons Diamond (including knife): 25 (SMG, LMG, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Special, Rockets)


    Interesting side note; I have yet to create a class with the SCAR-H, I picked up off the ground got 6 kills with it and then died.  I haven’t used the gun other than that.


    Currently only one challenge is not working for me, and that is the Demolition Master Challenge.

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    well done me


    PSN: sdredger

    Time Played: 8d 4h 23m 57s

    SPM: 329

    KDR: 1.15

    W/L: 0.66


    Most deadly weapon: PDW-57  (4451 kills)

    Most used Scorestreak: UAV (3000+)

    Most lethal Scorestreak: Lightning strike (700+ kills)

    Most played gametype: Kill Confirmed

    Most used lethal: Semtex

    Most used tactical:Shock Charge


    Diamond SMG's

    Diamond Launchers

    AR's next

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    Prestige Master obtained last double xp weekend on that sunday.

    2.04 kd

    412 spm

    61 % win percentage

    diamond smg

    m8a1 gold

    an94 gold

    fal gold

    have three ar's that I have to do the no perk and attachments for gold

    currently working on shotguns and I like them more then the ar


    Really falling in love with the ksg but it is a very thin line between love and hate.


    Forgot most used weapons MSMC , pdw m8a1 m27 evo an94

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      Good day guys,


      Holy geese guys !! it's crazy, The way i am going right now it looks like i'll become MP

      next year


      Sorry if i'm impolite i don't want to offence any of you, but with a regular life; House, Wife, Social etc....

      How do you manage to get MP in 8 to 10 days ?


      Can you tell me a many hours per day you play and do you have a job, life, etc......

      Sometimes i wish i'de be single and get home after work, eat and play until my eyes fall down

      But i just can't spend all this time on a game.......


      Congrat to you guys, i'm jalous


      Take care guys

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        The time they've mentioned is what they see on the in-game Barracks - it's the amount of "game play time".


        Say you play the game for a week (7 days) - and each day you play it for 2 or 3 hrs. The game-play time would be 7x2 (or 7x3) = 14 hrs (or 21 hrs). For 2 weeks - this number becomes 14x2 = 28 hrs - which is displayed as 1 day 4 hrs. So, the numbers you see on this thread - when it says 8 days or 10 days - it means the amount of game-play time - not the number of calendar-days.



      • Re: Legit Prestige Master - Tracker



        This comment is not to offend you in any way.  But you talk about having a life.  I have almost 11 day's played currently. 


        • I work a full time job 40 - 42 hours a week.
        • I attend a university and am taking 15 credits a week.
          • 15 hours for classes
          • 7 - 10 hours for homework
        • I am married and spend at least 1-2 hours a day with my wife watching movies, tv, or visiting/shopping.
        • This leaves me about 2 - 4 hours to play video games a day.


        Now doing some basic math:


        2 hours a day, times two months (60 days).  That gives me 120 hours or 5 days of gameplay. 


        I honestly have probably put 12 - 14 hours in on the double xp weekends (2 of them).  Meaning, I hit 48 hours or  2 days on those weekends alone.


        I'm going to also add that Sunday's and Saturday's I don't have work and I usually have finished my homework.  So I play an additional 4 hours on top of my regular 2 - 4 hours.  So considering there are at least 9 weekends since release I should add 72 more hours to my 168.


        Total hours: 216

        Total days: 216/24 = 9 day's played


        And that was using rough rough rough estimates obviously because I'm at 10.8 days now. 


        You don't need to be lifeless to have a lot of day's played.  It just means you play that video game with most of your time. 


        Lastly, assuming your PSN ID is the same as your display name here, you are at 3.6 day's played.  I have multiple people that are on my friends list that aren't married, don't have a job, live at their parents and still have less day's played then you.

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    I got it a couple weeks ago and i pretty much spent all the prestiges trying to diamond my weapons. Was probably a mistake because i have EVERYTHING except pistols and snipers diamond so i get hacker messages all the time. Stupid treyarch why did you not patch that stupid glitch.

  • Re: Legit Prestige Master - Tracker

    currently sitting at Prestige 4 LvL 42 w/almost 4 days played.


    Looking into Crystal Ball and I see hitting PM around April 1st w/approx. 9 days played will update when I get there. 


    Currently have 6 gold guns (4 AR, 2 SMG) working on the AN-94 now.

    • Re: Legit Prestige Master - Tracker

      Ah the AN 94 - that weapon is so much fun to level-up & get the camos. If there was any weapon that I actually liked doing the "Art of War" & "Cherry Blossom" camo - it has to be AN 94.


      IMO - almost all of the SMGs are easier to level-up than ARs.



  • Re: Legit Prestige Master - Tracker

    Date (when I reached PM): Dec 31st at 10PM

    Time-played (from in-game Barracks): 11 days 21 hours(when I reached prestige master)

    SPM: 200 range

    KDR: 1.20-1.30 range thats my average in most of the COD games

    Any other info you'd like to share: My tactical insertions are near the bottom of the equipment used. My KDR isn't over 1.50 ish

    I did NOT have every gun diamond before master prestige. Another legit reason why I am legit.. When you reach level 55 10th prestige theres no exp bar and after a couple of games (getting like 50k xp) you finally become prestige master(automatically) you cannot stay at level 55 10th prestige.



    To master the online game. I almost have all guns officially completed(all my weapons are diamond). I just need to prestige my guns and level them to max.


    After I master this game I will probably go to W@W master that game(only 4th prestige on there). Then maybe.. depending on time I will get 20th prestige on MW3.


    I am level 55, 10th prestige on COD 4, level 65 10th prestige on COD 6, level 50 15th prestige on COD 7, and master prestige on COD 9.


    COD 5: 4th prestige(dunno my level yet)

    COD 8: 3rd prestige(dunno my level.. I believe in the 40s or 50s)


    I'm proud of the fact that I almost mastered all the prestiges in all the call of dutys(I have not mastered all the challenges and unlocks though). Because that's just deep down outrageous.. it's bad enough that I'm max prestige in all those games.

    • Re: Legit Prestige Master - Tracker

      Wow.. now *that* is (to me) amazing & unbelievable.


      Can't imagine me doing it in this life time.


      Hope you enjoy all of those games & the time you played.



      • Re: Legit Prestige Master - Tracker

        Thanks man.. it's rare to find people like me who master all those prestiges on those CODs. I can for sure tell you though.. this is probably my last COD because I need to move on with my life :/


        College, family, girlfriend, personal responsibilties etc.

        • Re: Legit Prestige Master - Tracker

          See you back in a decade


          I used to play a lot back when I was still at high-school - and then college, work, wife - all of those great things happened. Now, after 10+ years at work - I am back to gaming.



          • Re: Legit Prestige Master - Tracker

            Yes you will come back if you are a true gamer. I am thirty three and when I am home with no responsibilities to uphold I game. My daughter is a teenager so the days of even thinking she wants to hang out with mom and dad are over. And once you've been with your spouse for a significant amount of time, 17 years for me since ninth grade, you both kind of do your own thing within your house.


            My wife is a cpa with a masters degree from southeastern and I am a crane operator within the petro chemical industry and with like all things you wish to obtain I've always wanted a man cave and finally have it. My third bedroom is totally set up for football games and gaming.

  • Re: Legit Prestige Master - Tracker

    I reached Prestige Master about a week ago,

    211 hours played

    1.26 k/d

    306 spm

    40% w/l (i only play by myself)

    649 total wins

    ~28k kills

    Diamond SMGs and Snipers gold AN-94, Remington and M8A1

    Riot sheild, balistics knife, and Xbow kills are very low if any at all

    and i only have 2 tac inserts used (which is the most common way to find glitchers)

    I also played both double xp weekends and i also had a problem with getting the rank reset glitch and was set back a week waiting for it to get fixed

    • Re: Legit Prestige Master - Tracker

      gratz & thank you for sharing!!


      Riddle me this:

      I have more than 3,500 Tac-Ins usage - with around 300 or so kills (not that great - I know).


      Why would that make me a glitcher or booster or anything? I played DOM a lot during the initial weeks - running with an SMG (& I *HATE* run-n-gunning). I would set-up a TI near B-flag such that even if I get killed I will spawn behind enemy lines & will always be in an advantageous position (to flank the enemies). Later on, I played HC CTF - again using the TI near the enemy flag was a really helpful tactic (although not as useful in DOM - because of the 8-second respawn-delay ).


      I think the best way to check for a booster would be the accuracy & the number of headshots. The common values for accuracy for most ARs are between 9 to 20% - with 5 to 10 headshots for every 100 kills [again - this is only my opinion]. Most of my SMGs I got my 100 headshots around 800 to 1200 kills on the SMG. Same for ARs.



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    Hit PM sometime between Christmas and New Years

    6 days 18 hrs

    1.51 k/d (30k kills total)

    1.13 W/L (753 Wins total)

    428 SPM (4.1M score total)

    Diamond: SMGs, LMGs, Shotguns, Pistols, Launchers

    A few gold guns

    1.1k C4 kills

    3.3k Tactical Insertion Uses-775 quick kills


    Now before you say booster, I use the TI in Objective games mose like Demo and Dom. I put the TI near the B flag or last bomb site and keep preventing people from either Capping/Defusing/Planting. I get called Glitcher/Booster way to much.


    EDIT: Forgot to say i had nothing to do over the two 2xp weekends. Prestiged twice in one weekend. Thats why my play time is lower the average.

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    The method i use to spot the glitchers is quite simple but yet insures I'm reporting the right person. First i go to weapons in combat record and scroll down to assault shield , ballistic knife and all pistols and check kd of each weapon and headshots. If they've reverse boosted you must dig even deeper and check lmg for accuracy and kd. . Then to verify i go to equipment used and check t.i. For use and how many kills from it. If i am still on the fence i lastly check their trophies and i haven't made it thatfarbut once.

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    MP a a little under 9 days played


    SPM: 285


    KD: 1.44


    Around 34,000 kills I think


    W/L: 1.07


    Just reached it today

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    After more than enough delay, I finally updated a video of me messing around looking at Emblem Unlocks, Statistics, et cetera - exact as soon as I completed Prestige Master.


    Here's the video:


    Some of the emblems (the Mickey mouse one, notably) is done by my wife. That's the farthest I could get her interested in the game - other than playing some "Local" matches against bots.



    • Re: Legit Prestige Master - Tracker

      BUMP - for "Community1234 "


      Community1234: - While I had a good laugh - thanks to you - I'd still like you to watch the video above. I actually recorded the PS3 message I got indicating I completed PM - and I also captured the amount of time I put into this.


      And before you go into a diatribe involving further name-calling me - I actually have a life - I work, I'm married, I drive a Toyota-Camry & my wife (who also works, BTW) & we go out for a nice time - *WHEN EVER* we plan to.


      Not that that's going to stop you from exhibiting your ____ -



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    Hit prestige master today in 6 days 6 hours and 5 minutes.


    25,358 kills with 2.01 kdr

    1,148 wins with 9.41 wlr

    3,094,005 score with a 344 spm


    I played combat training objective to level up guns to get attachments, so it took me longer it just doesn't show up on the combat record.  I went through 10th prestige in 8.5 hours playing with double xp starting at level 29.

  • Re: Legit Prestige Master - Tracker

    PM Today.


    27,306 kills

    802 wins (1470 games)

    4+ Million Score - 352 per minute

    8+ days


    I played 90% solo on Domination (Master Achieved) and Hard Point (Master Achieved).

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    Date (when I reached PM): Jan, 19th, 2013 lol

    Time-played (from in-game Barracks): 7 days, 2x xp helped a lot lol    

    SPM: 394    

    KDR: just a little above 2.16

    Kills: 37,760

    Wins: 763 ( not even going to metion my win/loss ratio since I play solo 99% of the time and I rage a lot when put in mid game with my team getting owned.)

    Any other info you'd like to share:

    I've legit gotten 6 gold guns only lol, When I play now, I start off by running vsat dogs and swarm, i'll rack up a few in an hour, then i'll switch to camo unlocking and i'll go back when I want to pub stomp, but mostly now i'm going to diamond camos.





    Most used weapon: PDW-57 - 16770 kills

    Most lethal item used: Bouncing betty 9089 usage - 1587 kills ( I don't think anyone has more, but someone probably does).

    Scorestreaks used:      UAV - 3154 used

                                        Lighting Strike: - 1528 used - 2441 kills

                                        Stealth Chopper - 359 used - 1377 kills

                                        Orbital VSAT - 277 used

                                        Attack Dogs - 110 used - 752 kills

                                        Lodestar - 57 used - 475 kills

                                        Swarm - 43 used - 368 kills

    ( Only started used swarm a little while ago, so i'll get many more)

    I'm ranked 16,130 in the world and have 4.24m score.


  • Re: Legit Prestige Master - Tracker

    i wonder if anyone on this list has been reset?

    • Re: Legit Prestige Master - Tracker

      It would be absurd for me to be reset - I have 15+ days of game-play time with not-at-all impressive stats. Anyone can see that - I play the game *only because* I find it enjoyable - certainly not because I'm good at it.





  • Re: Legit Prestige Master - Tracker

    Prestige Master


    Game time: 8 days 10 hours


    KDR: 3.31


    Win ratio: 3.24


    SPM: 380


    Around 1900 wins & only diamond SMGs. Im going for diamond Shotguns and mainly run VSAT

  • Re: Legit Prestige Master - Tracker

    so i wanted to post in this when it started but i wasn't master prestige at the time - but anywho


    i've played a few hours after hitting max but not too much
    current stats:


    k/d: 3.02
    w/l: 2.97
    spm: 562

    days played: 5 days 7 hours

    most played game mode: hardpoint, 279 wins, 6.49 w/l

    most used gun: an-94, 5,800 kills.

  • Re: Legit Prestige Master - Tracker


    spm = 330

    k/d = 1.67

    Time played = 5 days

    W/L = A BIG FAT 1