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can't connect anymore to multiplayer, since update.


I don't know if this is activision issue or a steam issue.

game has worked fine for weeks, then, since friday,  game would not start: if I click on COD multiplayer it connects to steam, then it flashes the small window  that says (I think) "preparing to launch..." but then, instead of going black and entering the game nothing happens. it actually opened the steam advertisement window, the one that usually shows up after I close the game. (it does that the first time I try to open ther game after a reboot).  same thing for campaign. starts loading, never fades to black.

if I click on the steam program itself, it opens it just fine. but clicking on play does same as above.


I think, that right before it stopped working steam downloaded an update. again, I don't know if it was a COD or steam update.

I'd appreciate some help!