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I've never seen a game of this magnitude have so many problems.  People say don't play it if you don't like it.  I say if I am going to spend money on a game, then I should get some enjoyment out of it.  Activision should carefully consider if Treyarch should ever be able to produce another game like this one.  The lag is awful, the hit detection is even worse.  Don't they read comments?  Do they even care?  I doubt either.  Your game sucks Treyarch.  All around sucks.  Nothing works correctly on a daily basis.  Hire some better qualified people and make something worth playing.  Black Ops 2 is a complete joke.  Infinity Ward games are made so much better. 

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    i agree but i really enjoyed black ops 1. things introduced in black ops 2 like hardpoint, the absence of all post death streaks/perks, scorestreaks and the pick 10 system are awesome but the lag, players being a few milliseconds ahead or behind other players even in offine local matches, tons of various bugs and glitches, unwanted skill based matchmaking, terrible spawns, over exaggerated flinch that forces ppl to use toughness, bad and just decent maps, hit detection, freezing, practicly no rewards for headshots, hipfire to ads and going prone delays, quickscoping, shock charges and guns being over nerfed really suck the need for skill out the game. smgs being 4 to 6 hit kills should be changed to 3 to 6 hit kills, shotguns should be more consistent up close cuz they suck everywhere else, assault rifles should all be 3 to 5 hits with each of them having respectable 3 hit kill ranges with the exception of the swat on burst, fal and smr having the ability to kill with 2 bullets up to a decent range. lsat and hamr should never need more than 4 shots to kill, qbb lsw should have more 3 hit kill range, mk48 should never need more than 3 shots to kill, snipers should be able to no scope people right in front of them much easier with a laser, none of them should be able to one shot kill to the arms or quickscope, ballista and svu should be able to one shot anywhere above the stomach, svu should be able to one shot to the neck. other things i would fix is un-nerfing the pdw/msmc/r870/b23r/kap40/sniper sway/smg hipfire, improving the performance of laser on snipers and lmgs, make the grip a more useful attachment, make quickdraw help lmgs by more than 25%, make the acog, reflex and other sights besides the target finder and mms actually slightly improve the accuracy and/or ranges on weapons too.

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    Yes, they did a pretty good job on Black Ops 1.  You would think the sequel would have been better.  Not the case.  I guess I come off as mad because I am.  I really want to like the game but I keep getting let down.  I discuss this on my YouTube channel (MrDBOneau) which is another reason it makes me mad.  I had the plan to grow my channel by posting interesting game plays, but they are impossible to get.

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    It's not the worse Call of Duty ever MW3 still holds that title the only things that are wrong with this game is Network, Spawns and Weapon Balance but they are really minor compared to MW3 the only thing MW3 had going for it was Weapon Balance everything else was ten times worse then this game not to mention it was unbalanced when it came to playstyles this game any playstyle can be successful which is the way it should be. MW3 only catered to campers the network was way worse then this because even if there was only a few 3 bars or the host didn't lag at all the network was shot and put people who had a decent signal 5 seconds behind everyone else even worse the spawns were really easy to exploit even on TDM not to mention the map clutter caused maps to feel even smaller then these maps. If Treyarch fixed the network and spawns and balanced the guns out like MW3 and then made slightly bigger maps this game will be the best Call of Duty ever.

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    Not seeing it Adam, but your opinion does matter.  Maybe I was on the good side of the lag curve with MW3, and on the bad side with BO2.  You must be on the good side and that is awesome.  But it's a fact that many players are getting the raw end and I'm one of them.  Sure I have a night or two where the lag is not there, but most of the time I'm getting shot way after I dive behind a wall for cover.  Too many gun battles lost after I clearly get first shot only to have a guy spin and kill me with one bullet.  And yes the spawns...no way in hell are they better than MW3.  Also your vision window in BO2 is much narrower allowing kills from your side after you clearly didn't see anyone in your path.  Don't get me wrong, I want to like this game, I really do.  I just want it to be fair and consistent.

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    mw3 was a great game. sure it had deathstreaks, lag and spawn problems on 2 maps but the weapons were balanced and the maps were still awesome. in blops 2 lag and spawns are worse, weapons are either good or straight up bad and the maps straight suck with the exception of maybe 3 or 4 that are just decent.

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    I don't know about your connections but mine is decent all the time and the game is great, the best cod ever. The spawns are not that bad depending on the gamemode and if people are spawn trapping.

    The guns are balanced, the sounds are better, the scorestreaks are good, the maps are colorful, the Create a class is nice, overall a great game.

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    Black Ops 2 is a great game, but all the small issues such as glitches and lag pile up to make it suck. And even so, Treyarch nor IW try to make a move to fix them.

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    IW can't balance a game to save their lives, Treyarch can't program one to save theirs.  BO2 isn't any worse than the others (in some ways it's far better), it's just the freshest collection of bugs and faulty programming in your mind.

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    thats nice but a majority of people disagree with u on that note. i have a great connection like many ppl that play this game. some people even have connections specificly for gaming and still lag almost every game. i just had a quick play through now after putting it down for a while, and even though i suffered lag spikes here and there and more than a few wtf moments it was much better than the unplayable crap i remember putting down.

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