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Something needs to be done about players quitting. Please Read.

It seems I have no choice but to voice my opinion on this forum. I tried to wait it out but I can't take it anymore. You can qoute me on this.


" I have NOT had 1 good game on Transit Because of players quitting."


I have tried over and over again taking the precautions on who I select to team up with in the lobbies (sometimes taking more then 20 minutes) and still there is that 1 player who quits. Usually around round 20 is when people throw in the towel. Now it's not a question on ' if ' a player will quit, it's a question on 'when' will someone quit. You know how freaking frustrating this is? So frustrating that hear I am, on this forum, complaining about it. Something needs to be done. I am trying to see how far I can get on Transit and have it show up on the leaderboard. So far I got to round 42 but of course it's not posted because of quitters. If you decide to play zombies then you need to be a team player and give as much time and effort as the next man is on your team.


And before you start replying to this discussion with the obvious solutions to this dilemma. I'll answer it now by saying I have already tried that. I have tried everything and for some reason something always happens. And the rare times I do succeed at collecting the perfect team of players from my friendlist or at random, the connection is too faulty and glitches constantly. We end up stacking up more unnecessary deaths/downs to the leaderboard..


I don't know. I just had to get this off my mind. there are way too many zombie players out there who feel this way and something needs to be done. I have 3 more things to state before I end this topic.


1. Treyarch, please come up with some type of solution to this issue. I don't like to be punished because random people can't play zombies. Make another category for the leaderboard that shows how often a person quits so I could at least choose not to play with them based on their history. That alone would save me from wasting precious hours playing zombies.


2. For all you noobs out there. Please learn how to play. Noobs are #1 for quitting as soon as they go down. Im not perfect but the skills I gained was from playing a lot and by PRACTICING. Please do the same.

3. And to all you glitchers out there. Stop being a CHEATER. If you can't play zombies the way it is supposed to be played, THEN DON'T PLAY. I like to earn My statistics based on the premise of actually playing the game the way it was meant be played. That's the whole point. If you can't do that then LEARN HOW.


Please view and reply  everyone. Thank you.


- dbfroge

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