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MW2 was the overall best game EVER!!

To Infinity Ward and mainly Activision. By trying to fix stpid little problems you have made the games have more lag and worse graphics.  The maps that you are making are so awful. I realize your trying to make it so people cant camp as easily but your ruining a great franchise by making these dumb maps.  Every time i hear new map packs are coming out I pray for opened up maps and every time I'm disappointed. Look back at the style of maps MW2 made please (the greatest Call of Duty made!!!).  Moving forward what happened between MW2 and MW3 with the graphics.  The graphics for MW2 were the best for call of duty and I expected the same for MW3 but they actually got worse.  Another one of the biggest problems with the new games is that they lag so badly that i get shot while im clearly around the corner on my screen but not on theirs. Just so its not all bad I love the franchise and I dont mean for this to be hateful toward the games.  I appreciate the games you have made and I wish for this to be constructive criticism towards the franchise.  I'm sorry if I hurt any feelings but please bring back good maps and graphics and accurasy, nobody cares if it takes another year or so to make a fantastic game rather than a playable one.                                                                                                               Bake_is_better or Alchol is Bad                                        Please like if you agree with me