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  • 90. Re: EMP Overpowered?

    The back of the inside of the house on the top floor. An emp grenade thrown at the truck took it out.

  • 91. Re: EMP Overpowered?

    So I just got home from work, and checked to verify that I was remembering/estimating correctly.


    An EMP thown in the center of the map on Nuketown, between the two trucks, will not reach the interior of either house.


    An EMP thrown up against the outside front wall of either house will not reach a Guardian placed just inside the back door, buton thrown just inside the front door will.


    The effective range of the EMP is roughly the full length of the basketball court on Raid, from white line to white line, whatever that is (I'd say probably about 30 feet, give or take).


    The effective range at which a Trophy System will take out an EMP grenade seems to be about 5-10 feet less than the range of the EMP.


    Personally, that does seem a little big for the EMP. I'd be ok if they reduced it's range slightly, maybe by 5 -10 feet.

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    Against the outside front wall will just reach halfway into the back room. To reach the back half of the back room upstairs, it pretty much needs to be inside the front door (but only just inside).




    Wow, one EMP thrown into a house on Nuketown will destroy EVERY piece of equipment in that house, on both floors AND in the garage!


    Yeah, I definitely think the range needs to be reduced now! Lol!

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    Well maybe the person threw two and I only saw the one, but either way the EMP grenade still needs the blast radius reduced. Also, I don't know how this effects it but my guardian was upstairs and I think that made a difference. Ill go back and see if the footage is still there.

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    What can I say, when you're right you're right.


    I'm not normally one to claim that anything is OP or in need of a nerf, that I've taken the time to test it and see just how big the blast radius really is, I have to agree that the EMP does seem a little ridiculous!


    (and sorry if I got a little "spammy" for a while there, I was posting from my phone and it doesn't let me edit my posts, so I had to keep making new ones. I'm done for now, though. I've seen all I need to see)

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    This is probably a stupid question, but is there a way of countering the EMP? I'm getting EMP'd each and every game, numerous times, and having Tactical Mask equipped does nothing for this particular Tactical Grenade.


    I'm guessing Trophy System is the only repellent...

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    Hard Wired, and that only works on yourself if you're EMP'ed (either by EMP Grenade or EMP Systems).

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    Hard-wired renders you immune to the effects of EMP, whether the scorestreak or the nades.  I'm not sure if that extends to your weapon, though, if you're using an optic with reticles.


    The trophy system is iffy, as the blast radius of an EMP grenade is larger than the "safe" radius the TS provides.

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    take the tac insert out of the game then we can say the emp is op.

  • 99. Re: EMP Overpowered?

    Stop people from spawn trapping otherwise the tac insert will never be removed.

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