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Forum etiquette - people are so quick to be rude and negative.


Why do people on the forums feel the need to be rude and negative so quickly? Maybe some people feel the need to be Internet thugs or bullies(stupid IMO). I'm an adult like most people here, and what people say don't hurt my feelings; debates and disagreements are fine and should be welcomed. however I think forum users need to find a better way of communicatin without being rude to others for no reason. Far too often somebody posts a thread and replys are "stop crying and complaing" etc, by saying thy uoure just doing the same thing; complaining about complainers. some people post threads hoping to receive honest answers/replies, even if the answers are in disagrement the comments dont have to be nasty. Just my opinion though..

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    A thread complaining about people complaining about complainers....








    Ya, alot of people here are just jerk-offs.  This little internet world gives them the chance to act out and act like someone, they normally wouldn't have the gull or ability to behave like in real life circumstances.  Too often people use online social forums, etc. as their "outlet" from real life.


    I would however tend to disagree with you on most people here being adults.  That of course would depend on what you deem to be an adult.  I consider 21+ to be an adult.  18-20year olds are young adults, or "adults-in-training".  16-18 years old=teenager kids  16 years old and below=kids, adolecents.

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    There are many factors contributing to the behavior you describe.  Too bad we don't have a BLOCK capability for the forum like the PM side has.  Still, we have to have the maturity to look over those that lack maturity in discussing a Mature-rated game.


    Most of the complainers do not apply grammer and may even have an occassional sentence with capitalization/punctuation. 


    We can only provide positive feedback to those that are helpful and can address a reply for an issue without loading up on a personal attack.  Ignore the rest.