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Discussion deleted...

OK, this post is really to the admins...


I have only been on here a few days, but have just experienced something a littlle annoying but moreover, somewhat unfair...


Someone had opened a discussion about all sorts of issues he personally has with BLOPS2 I had presented an alternative opinion, which was actually in support of Treyarch's efforts, as a result a perfectly civilsed disscussion was developing. And then...



The whole discussion (although short) has vanished.


As far as I could see, there was no breaking of forum rules in the discussion, as I say it was perfectly civilsed (not even a single swear word!!!). Deleting a discussion in that way without explanation is rather low, underhand and pathetic - especially when it was a balanced discussion which others could have read and perhaps taken on-board some of the opinions!


Can an Admin please explain?

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    BS happens all the time fella, get used to it.

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    The proper way to ask a forum mod a question would be to send one a pm. This is actually off topic for the forum and will probly be deleted or locked as well.


    Threads can be locked or deleted for a number of reason. If it was a list of things that have been stated in other threads then it could have been considered spam. It could have been deleted because comments where getting off topic and out of hand. It could have been anything.

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    I think they deleted it because it's killerswift....aka enigma( i think).....and that person recieved a prior permanent ban.  He makes his name noticeable who he is as well as what he says in his posts so it wasn't hard to figure out who was the 'real' person behind the fake name.



    He's been creating several accounts after they deleted it and spamming the forums as well.

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      This is also a possibility.

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      Ahhh right, due to my inexperience here, I guess I was the one who got suckered then as I was the only one stupid enough to rise to his taunts.


      Oh well, I'll learn!

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        The Mods apply the rules as they see fit and sometimes they're somewhat harsh. Having been a Mod before myself on a site that needed more moderation than you would believe (there were 10 Mods and five Admins and an awful lot of traffic and threads per day), I can sympathise a little.


        They have to put up with reading a huge amount of whining, griping and generally insulting posts about Treyarch. Unfortunately, sometimes reasonable comments get deleted along with the contentious ones. They're trying to strike a balance, but sometimes it's hard to see it that way.

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    they don't have to disclose why they deleted it.

    it is not your right to know.

    they have full control over the forums, you have no say, unless they approve it.


    the forum is not a democracy. You have no "rights" here. read the ToA

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    Yeah I answered another posters question in a separate discussion and the mods locked the discussion even though it had yet to become blown out of proportion and no trolling had happened. It is frustrating but they don't have to give any explanation as you why a discussion gets deleted or locked. They can do whatever they want. We have to obey their rules even if we don't necessarily agree with them.

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    Best way to contact the Moderators is via PM. Instructions and quick links here: http://community.callofduty.com/message/413354064#413354064


    We do not notify the thread reply authors as part of the thread removal process. The user that prompted the removal (posted offending content) will typically (but not always) get a PM.


    Hope that helps. Feel free to PM us if you have any questions.


    Stay Frosty,

    Claire JeepChick