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Cant log in on blops2 forums (mods help please)

I had to resort to making a 2nd account. The trouble account is dt4l6969, I try to log in and it keeps telling me an unknown error has occured. Could a mod take a look at my account to see if I was banned or something? I didn't get a message or email saying I was banned. This is very frustrating because I like to frequent the zombie forums and now I have to use this account?


Please see if you can do something.

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    No mods on yet??? Someone has to be able to help yes??

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      It is very interesting that IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to report any issues without logging in......so I created a new account to get my old one fixed...I see that there is no true talk to the mods area for fixes other that this. Its was an hour when I first replied with about 15 views? Now it's been even longer with 29 views...How long does it take a MOD to even reply? This is piss poor customer service....


      Now I see that I will be waiting even longer to gain access to my old account? Should I just stop waisting my time for my old account that has done nothing wrong or am I waisting my breath?

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        Here it's been ALL DAY, and yet to see any results or even a mod to post....


        Who do you have to sleep with to get an answer out of the mods....


        I can see that there is no section to post about error on this site, all I can see is for the games themselves.


        Once again....Piss poor customer service....How am I able to get help here if I have 53 views and 0 replies...especially from any mod....


        Am I supposed to go around posting looking like a noob because I can't access my old account???

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          Support here, we apologize for the wait!

          What browser do you usually use to access the forums? Did you try all the obvious stuff: clearing out the cache and history on the browser completely, then closing it out and restarting it?


          Also, what URL specifically are you using to access the forums and log in?



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            Hello, I am sorry for any snyde remarks as I was abit upset.


            I am using google chrome and have been for quiet some time. I have worked with fixing computers for 4 years and have tried the usual "quick fixes" restarting chrome, clearing cashe, deleting history, restarting my laptop. To no avail, i'm almost certain that the site error is on the sites end. Especially seeing as I was able to create a new account and have 0 problems accessing it.


            As for the link, if I goto community.callofduty.com and click the login button at the top of the page, put in my username and password and hit submit or ok. An error has occured page pops up. It states it in multiple languages, such as italian, spanish, german...etc.


            If there is anything else I can do that I forgot to mention, please direct me in the right direction.


            Thank you.

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          You can always send us a PM. I'm moving this to the Website Feedback/Suggestions sub-forum. There are several other posts with the same issue here.


          We and the site teams are aware that some accounts are intermittent We currently do not have a fix that we can offer you, but you are welcome to continue using your new account to take part on our boards.


          I had this same issue and had to make a new account. Support (^ ATVIASSIST) might also be able to help you resolve the issue.


          Please note that your ELITE services are tied to your gamer ID. You need only log into your previous account, un-sync your ID and then re-sync with your new one.

          Claire JeepChick

          Treyarch Moderator