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BO2 is MW3 all over again, i am done with the CoD franchise

I had high hope that Treyarch will fix the instant death kills and 1 second behind effect but nope, after the last update it got worse. I was so looking forward to the DLC but i am not gonna buy it anymore, sorry Treyarch, you just lost one of your most loyal consumer.


Its absolutley ridiculous what i have to deal with while playing this game online. I am a full second behind and i am not even joking, i run around a corner and die instantly, on my screen there was no one but apparently there was a dude standing in front of me and i am just running towards him without noticing him. Another thing is, the hit detection did improved but also the number of hitmarkers, it takes me forever to kill while they drop me like a fly.


Before the last update the connection was already bad and i was forced kinda to headglitch, now can not even do that anymore and when i run around i get killed by invisible players. My aim is good and when i shoot at someone while being dead on target then it takes me forever to kill them, but he drops me with one bullet while all the other bullets completley miss me.


I am done with the franchise, its MW3 all over again for me with the connection issues, if you don't experience the same thing then consider yourself lucky. All CoD had lag but this is not lag, this is a complete handicap, there is really no point of keep on playing this game.


It was a nice time here in the forums, a lot of nice people here and i had honestly more fun here in the forums than playing the game, BO2 is not fun, its like i am torturing myself with this game. This franchise won't be ever the same again. Good bye, it was a nice time but everything ends.

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    same here. the lag is ridiculous. hasnt been much fun since MW2

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    the lag is because everyone used the 2xp weekend. with normal latency there is no lag. the problem are some players with bad pings, not the game itself. the matchmaking is more faster than older cod games.


    kind regards RSix


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    MW2 was the last CoD with good connection. I don't care what the develoeprs and the insider here in the forum say. I trust me eyes more and i know its not the same, it really feels like many people say, then better your connection then more f*cked you are. MW4 will be the same, BO3 will be the same and every other CoD will be the same, its time to move on from this dying franchise.


    Oh and in case someone wonder what my connection is, because most people tend to blame everything on the connection.


    And i am 4 bar 98%, yet i get all this nonsense in the game. It really is how many people have already stated here in the forums, then better your connection then more F* you are.



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    with you on this mate i just posted a simlar thread asking if anyone else is haveing the exsact same issues now i know.


    il tell you a story also this game has helped a girl be put in a coma by here boyfreind serously and no im not saying the game caused it directly.

    what happened was her fella beat her to the point he induced a coma and due to the fact all he did was ball and cus at this game none of the nabours called the police because they were that used to hearing this abuse over this game and ignored what took place.

    so well done treyarch you unwittedly got your hands bloody with this title.

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    you have to understand what a matchmaking is. if your have a fast connection, there are others players with bad connection, the system is calculating the best middle of both. sure, dedicated server are better, but this is a 360 or not? sometimes there is lag cause of players, not the system. yesterday we've played many rounds without lagging. sry for the truth. i don't like f words.


    kind regards RSix


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    i understand the lag part with the 2xp weekend but i dont like the maps/favoring the run n gun and quick fast corners which theyre going with. I like having a variety and being able to snipe on a few maps too and not having to take a turn every 5 feet in every map

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    yes COD (before i purchased this crap) i played BATTLEFIELD 3 and will go back to playing that .. i always felt COD was alittle kiddish a little video game  ish and not anything at all to do with war or war strategy just a shoot em up game.so i wasnt into mutliplayer..but zombies..zombies was ok..great even..but how can treyarch/ activision.. just change the gameplay of zombies after purchasing a season pass.. if i knew that you could not hold a zombie at the end like ALL COD zombies i would not have purchased this game or the season pass//how can all these brainiacs of a very big company( that i think has been outdated since atari 2600)..change the rules in the middle of the game.. bad enough activision/treyarch rushed the game out then tries to patch all of the mistakes made after peopl...e spent hard earned money on the game and then money on the season pass and before the actual dlc the rules of the game change?.thats like buying a basketball game and 2 months after the game is released there is an update telling you that its not basketball anymore..how on earth does a zombie die in the fog if you dont kill them..and why would it take so long for a major company to post the facts about this game..we have all been cheated and glitched by treyarch and activision..

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    I have more knowledge about the game and matchmaking than most of the other people, i also know when i get robbed and when not. While its true that most lag is caused by people with bad connection, its not 100% the truth.

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