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New clan "Hir3d Hitm3n" looking for members (UK PS3)

Me and a friend started a clan just yesterday. At the minute there's only me and him involved.


If you're looking for a new clan that is starting from the bottom, add me on PSN - llewellyn237


There's only a few rules...


  • Must play to win. No kill-whores ignoring the objective. If you can kill-whore in KC/TDM then adapt to objective play in Dom/Demo, you're perfect.
  • Must be willing to play different game modes, including Hardcore.
  • Must be from UK and have mic. The mic should only be used for general chit-chat and strategic communication. No raging about how you died or getting over-excited about killing someone. (This has been a big problem in the previous clan we were involved in.) Also, as a lot of you will know, background noise is very irritating... no babies screaming, dogs barking, music playing or volume too loud.
  • Must have experience! I mean this in the nicest way possibe but, if you're new to the game and often going negative, we can't have you in HCTDM/HCKC or any Clan Ops where kills matter.
  • We DO NOT back out. We ride through any issue whether it be campers, lag or just plain getting whooped. Rage quitting will not be tolerated.



Any interested players will have a few games in different modes of try-outs before being invited to join.