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Migrating hosts

Why is it that when i'm hosting a "Migrating Hosts" screen appears at random times and as a result kicks me, it NEVER leaves me in the game that I was in before the screen appears.


It almost feels like i'm being kicked just to get the hosts changed over.

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    could be your connection is being selected for the better pings in the room then after makeing you host you have insuficeant bandwidth to be host in the first place so should not of bein selected if im honest i could be wrong though

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      Nah, you are correct my upload speed is quite poor resulting in 3 bars for everyone else, I have no problems with it changing hosts from me to someone else.


      I just don't think that I should have to be evicted from said game because of it though, shouldn't it be it changes host from me to someone else -> then continue gaming? lols.